Shoo, Jimmy Choo: Book Review

Shoo, Jimmy Choo!: The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More

Catey Hill, the author of the book has shown a way to save for the future, i.e. for our retirement and general investing. This has been written in a way which is not only makes an interesting read but fun too. The book is a perfect guide for a modern girl to save more and spend less. I must say that it’s a necessity for every woman who wants to control her finances well.

Well let me clarify one more thing , this book is not only meant for people who indulge themselves in clothes and shoes but practically for everyone who want to learn about finances. For those who are struggling with the habit of overspending the book is a savior.

Reader may see the book as a great way to show how to make your two ends meet in order to plan for a comfortable retirement. A remarkable feature of the book is that some pages are specially designed for the reader to input their own data which gives them an insight into their own budget and expenditures. This is a trigger for anyone to better control their finances.

Financial success is ensured for anyone who follows the book with complete honesty. If you find someone who needs help in managing their finances, the book makes an ideal present. The book is written in parts, the first shows how to control one’s finances and the second shows how money can be utilized best for the future.

The book practically covers everything from credit cards, insurance, retirement, home buying, great job, relationships and insurance. The book touches upon the financial aspect when it comes to planning a wedding or a baby. There are various ways that this book teaches us better financial control in different aspects of our lives.

You can buy the book from Amazon: Shoo, Jimmy Choo!: The Modern Girl’s Guide to Spending Less and Saving More