Hacker Changes 10,000 WiFi Passwords

4837773532_86963b7aec_zA hacker has recently been doing more good than harm.

Does your home WiFi use a default password? It forces you to change it. Does it leave unguarded communication channels open? It forces you to close them.

To experts, this seems like the work of a well intentioned hacker vigilante. Illegal, yes. But helpful, kinda.

The custom-built software is nicknamed “Ifwatch” and it is spreading quickly, according to researchers at the cybersecurity firm Symantec.

“We have not seen any malicious activity whatsoever,” said Symantec threat intelligence officer Val Saengphaibul. “However, in the legal sense, this is illegal activity. It’s accessing computers on a network without the owner’s permission.”

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Photo courtesy of: Christophe Verdier