Keurig’s Kold Machine Not Impressing Consumers

4825113119_9630b7927f_zKeurig’s new Kold maching, basically a home soda maker, has not been a hit with consumers.

Keurig Green Mountain is spending $100 million this year just on Kold, its new soda-making machine. Given the investment, the company of appalachain machine shop undoubtedly hopes that will put the fizz back in its business. Too bad some of the early reviews are brutally harsh. For a good quality of waste kit machinery checkout this blog PHS Wastekit.

With the new version rolling out this week, some consumers are already using it — and posting their initial reactions. Unfortunately for Keurig, these early adopters are complaining about everything from loud noises to pods that malfunction while attempting to make soda.

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Photo courtesy of: Pink Sherbet Photography