5 Pregnancy Must-Haves Worth Splurging On

Pregnancy can be very uncomfortable for many women. It's worth splurging to prioritize yourself. Here are 5 pregnancy must-haves to keep you happy!Pregnancy can be tough on many women. Your body seemingly doesn’t belong to you anymore, and it evolves and changes at an alarming pace.

It seems every week—especially in the third trimester—some new condition arises that requires attention…”What is that new pain?” “Where did THAT come from?” “My feet weren’t this swollen yesterday, were they?”

It can be hard to justify spending any money on making your pregnancy more comfortable simply because you’re fully aware of all the new expenses that arise with a new mouth to feed. But this is exactly when you need to invest in your health.

Once the baby comes, your time will be limited. Treasure these last few months of your time, and treat your body right. Here are 5 pregnancy must-haves that are definitely worth splurging on.

1. Body Pillow

A body pillow, such as the Snoogle or LeachCo Back N Belly, are almost essentials during pregnancy. It helps so much to have your stomach and back supported.

It’s hard to get into a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy. You’re already waking up a million times at night to pee, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could fall back asleep faster if you were comfortable enough?

2. Prenatal Chiropractor

I’m not really a big fan of the chiropractor. Frankly, getting adjusted kind of scares me. But after some intense hip pain from constantly sleeping on my side (the only doctor-approved method of sleeping for pregnant women) that made it almost impossible to walk due to the pain, I was willing to try anything.

The chiropractor at Collaborative Health Group, who was a prenatal specialist, was able to adjust my hips to the point where the pain practically disappeared overnight. I truly felt it was a miracle and the best thing to splurge on during pregnancy.

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3. Massages

I was lucky enough to join a monthly massage club that allowed me to have discounts on full body prenatal massages, plus, I was able to use my medical flex spending account (FSA) to pay for it.

I looked forward to getting one or two massages a month throughout my pregnancy, and it really helped with the constant aches and pains of pregnancy.

4. Belly Support Band

By far the item I used the most throughout my pregnancy was a belly support band. I bought a cheap one on Amazon and used it during the many, many walks I would take. It helped alleviate the pressure in my back.

5. Supportive Bra

I must have spent more than $200 on special nursing bras trying to find a bra that would be supportive enough. Here’s a tip: while your breasts may grow a lot at the beginning of pregnancy, they’ll continue to grow throughout the pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

Spending tons of money on several bras will be pointless because chances are, you’ll outgrow them quickly. Instead, invest in one very supportive bra and save yourself money. After not having any luck with special maternity store bras, I went armed with a coupon to Lane Bryant and found a non-nursing bra that I’ve worn practically every day of my pregnancy.


Don’t forgo comfort in your pregnancy to try and save money. This is one of the last times in your life you’ll only have yourself to think about. Make yourself a priority. A happy mommy will have a happy baby!

What splurges did you indulge in while you were pregnant?