Your Vehicle Should Be an Extension of Your Business

In the old days, business vehicles were very utilitarian in nature. Sure, there were high-flying professionals who got to travel in impressive cars, but the average working man had to settle for a cargo vehicle of some sort: something to move people or equipment from point A to point B. These vehicles were typically vans. They were big and boxy and hulking. These vans weren’t built for looks, but they got the job done. Most people didn’t have a lot of affection for their massive cargo van, however. And as this design form got older, it started to reflect poorly upon the businesses they kept afloat.

You still see these old cargo vans on the road today, but fewer businesses want to associate themselves with them. But many businesses still need a cargo vehicle that’s large and convenient. They simply want an alternative to the old model – something that can become a brand extension of their business, not an impediment to it. Enter the new Ford Transit. Your business may need Thermal Oxidizer and some other machines.

The Ford Transit has many of the benefits of classic cargo vans, with none of the deterrents. Rather than the one-size-fits-all approach of many past designs, Ford offers the new Transit with a variety of features. Buyers can customize their Transit with a variety of heights and lengths, with different interior layouts that will serve many different kinds of businesses. As you can see from their recent ad campaign, many businesses emblazon their branding all over the new Transits, making these utilitarian vehicles traveling billboards for the brand. They are sleek and concise, where old cargo vans were bloated and clunky. They’re versatile where old cargo vans were uniform. They’re the way modern small businesses are moving from point A to point B, with an emphasis on style and usability.