Online Shopping, Ten of the Best Money Saving Tips for Shopping On the Internet

Shopping is  of course where vast amounts of our hard earned money goes, so becoming a savvy consumer is essential to making your money stretch that little bit further. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of the ten best shopping related money saving tips. Following even a few of these will help you save hundreds each year.

10. Shop around online
Whenever you are thinking of making a big purchase (and even if you have tiny little ones in mind) shops around to check where the best deals are. You will often find things cheaper, or in sales when you research this way, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Shopping online can be fantastic as you just need to be at the comfort of your home with a good internet connection and just click on what you wish. There are even auctions on the internet where you need to be fast enough to make your purchase, and there is where a fast internet is necessary.  No one wants slow internet and a faster one can be sometimes expensive but so worth it, so for shopping online the best way is to fight the urge and use part of your budget to apply it in you network system.

9. Do Online Research, Don’t Impulse Buy
A quick drain on our wallets is impulse buying, in whatever form it may take for you. Whenever you’re considering a purchase wait a little while, and debate how much you really need it. Like say, you want to buy ink catridges. Ask yourself, can I buy Cheap Ink online?  Could you get a cheaper alternative?

8. Audit Your Internet Retail Grocery Shop
This simply involves working out where the cheapest place to buy all your essentials is. Seek out the main retailers and compare their prices online. This will cut down your weekly shop drastically so is well worth spending an hour or so doing.  Also make use of deals that are available.  Most retailers offer a customer loyalty program,  or reward points, which is useful for saving, and sometimes even making money.

7. Stock up
Buying in bulk when necessities are on offer is a great way to cut down on your shopping expenses, and applies to everything from coffee to condiments, and beyond. Don’t buy anything perishable but when things you regularly use are on offer, stock up as much as space will allow to save yourself cash.

6. Wait for sales
Shopping whilst the sales are on is a great way to make your money go further, as you can pick up end of line and season goods for a fraction of their initial costs. Around the holidays, pick up the supplies when they are on sale for your next due holiday, so that you save more money the next time the holiday comes around.

5. Negotiate
Negotiation is a key tool in the money saving arsenal and can done almost everywhere. If the goods in question are even slightly damaged there’s a discount to be had. If you are buying second hand goods, or making a large purchase you can often negotiate a reasonable discount as you are guaranteeing an on the spot sale.

4. Do your research
Researching products before you buy them is essential on higher end items. They might be advertised as the best thing since sliced bread but that is no guarantee they are. Research faults, problems, and whether there are better yet cheaper models similar to whatever you may be interested in.
3. Set up a direct debit
 If you can set up a direct debit standing order, you may often negotiate a discount of 5% or so, as companies reward their customers for securing an income. Just ask whether you can pay direct debit for the purchase (especially for long term contracts) and see what can be done.

2. Budget
When it comes to shopping budgeting is a necessity as you then only spend what you have allotted. It is very easy to overspend when shopping, and regret it later. If you set aside a portion of your income each month to pleasure shopping, and stick to it, you will save a lot of money in the long run so get budgeting.

1. Consider online Always
Online shopping has quickly become the best way to save money when purchasing thanks to the huge competitive brands and markets, ability to buy in bulk, read reviews, earn shopping rewards cash back for purchases and generally find everything cheaper. Shop online and you will always find huge discounts by way of a coupon and we’d recommend you do it for everything.