Top 8 Gifts for Kids That Make Money Fun

Want to give your kids an educational present? Here are the top 8 gifts for kids that make money fun so they can learn basic money management early on.One important lesson for all parents to teach their children is how to be financially wise.

One way to ensure that your children are getting these essential money lessons in their lives is to make money fun.

These top 8 gifts for kids that make money fun will help your children understand basic financial concepts while still having a blast.

Cash Registers and Play Money

Younger kids love to play store, and this make believe game helps them learn, too. Toy cash registers aren’t too expensive, but I recommend getting one that comes with play cash that looks real. My daughter was gifted a cash register that relies on plastic coins and a credit card, which is fun for her, but it doesn’t teach her money management or how to count money.

The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register seems to the best play cash register available and has real looking money. The Melissa & Doug Play Money Set also has realistic money and coins, although it doesn’t come with a cash register.

The cash register and pretend money can be used in many imaginary scenarios, such as going to the store, restaurant, pet shop, bank, and more.

Books About Money

When I was younger, I was gifted Better Than a Lemonade Stand by Daryl Bernstein. The book has since been updated, although I haven’t reviewed the newest version. I read this book when I was in my tween years, and while I never actually started my own business at that age, I really think this book is what launched my career as a freelancer with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Another great book for younger kids is The Berenstain Bears’ Dollars and Sense. This cute book talks about spending allowances wisely, which is an important lesson for many kids to learn, especially when you first start giving allowances.

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Educational Board Games That Make Money Fun

Monopoly might be the first board game that comes to your mind when you think about money games, but there are others that are just as great (and not as competitive). Money Bags Coin Value – Educational Board Game has over 160 reviews and looks like it uses simpler concepts for children to understand money management.

Moneywise Kids and The Allowance Game are also games that received rave reviews. All three of these games look like fun and come with colorful boards. As a bonus, they won’t be as time-consuming as Monopoly.

Financial Peace Junior

If you’re a fan of Dave Ramsey’s money philosophy, then you might love his Financial Peace Junior set. The goal of this set is to teach young children how to handle money early on so they avoid costly financial mistakes later in life.

These 8 gifts will make money fun for your kids, and they’ll hopefully inspire savvy spending and wise money management.

What is your favorite toy/book/resource to teach kids about money? Do you remember how you learned about money growing up?