Gift of Lasting Change

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What is a Gift of Lasting Change?

It’s a gift that empowers people around the world to reach their potential. It’s a gift you’ll be proud to send. It’s a gift anyone will be happy and proud to receive.

After World War II, the original CARE Package harnessed the power of generosity in a box. It changed the world by delivering food that relieved suffering across a devastated Europe.

Today’s CARE Package is different. It provides relief today and the foundation of a better tomorrow. But it’s built on the same truth as the very first CARE Package — that when you give of yourself, you can be the difference in people’s lives. You can deliver lasting change.

Step 1 Is To Choose Gifts For The People You Want To Honor.

Because each gift represents a small piece of CARE’s enormous body of work across 87 countries, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for anyone’s interests or budget.

Found a great gift, but don’t want to donate the full amount? No problem! For the majority of gifts, you’ll find a pull-down menu next to the price to buy a half- or quarter- portion of the gift. Your gift recipient will get the same great card regardless of the amount you purchase.

Step 2 Is To Let Them Know With A Personalized Message Or Card. 

Each time you add an gift item to your CARE Package, select how you want to let your gift recipient know you’ve purchased a Gift of Lasting Change in their honor. If you select, an ecard, just complete the short address form and add a personal message. If you prefer a paper card, select the “Print a Card” option for a card you can print, personalize by hand and mail.

Just want to give and not be bothered with all this card business? Just choose “none”.

Step 3 Is Something We’ll Take Care Of!

To help deliver the most effective solutions to the greatest number of people, your donation will be pooled with other contributions to CARE and used where it’s needed most urgently. Be assured each item in the gift catalog accurately represents CARE’s current poverty-fighting work. Your gift purchase is a donation to CARE that will be used to help deliver the most effective, lasting solutions to poverty to the greatest number of people. Know that your gifts empower women, girls and their communities while also being a unique and meaningful gift for someone special to you.

With 90% of CARE’s expenses going to program activities around the world, you can be sure your CARE Package will make a difference in the fight against poverty.

With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to share Gifts that Make a Difference.Beehives $59   –  Get them buzzing with excitement with a CARE beehive kit. It comes with training on how to raise healthy and productive hives. Not only will honey help beekeepers earn a living, the cultivation of healthly bees will assist pollenation and agriculture around the hive. A very sweet win-win. 



With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to share Gifts that Make a Difference.Family Garden $63  –  Good nutrition starts at home. With a family garden, CARE teaches poor families how to diversify their families’ diet with smallscale vegetable gardens that also allow them to experiment with new crops. This CARE Package grows over time!





With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to share Gifts that Make a Difference.3-Packs of Drought Resistant Seeds $27  –  A CARE Package of drought-resistant seeds is like making it rain for a poor family that depends on subsistence agriculture. With rainy seasons becoming more unpredictable and crops failing as a result, families need hearty seeds that will withstand long dry spells to produce nutritious food.



With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to share Gifts that Make a Difference.

Human-Powered Water Pump $95  –  It turns out elbow grease makes great clean water. CARE helps communities learn to build and maintain people-powered water pumps, a low-cost way to provide safe drinking water to poor communities. Treadle pumps, for example, create suction that pulls water out of the ground when a user steps up and down on levers. Other designs like hand pumps also use human power to yield clean water.



With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to share Gifts that Make a Difference.Chicken Coop $400  –  Unlike planted crops, chickens and other livestock can provide farmers with food and income year-round. To help farmers start raising chickens, CARE provides wire and boards to construct coops and pens. With clean, well-ventilated places to live, the chickens are more likely to stay healthy and fetch higher prices at local markets.



Remember – there’s only three weeks until Christmas and many of us are already feeling like we’re in the “last-minute gift” stage. Instead of wasting your money on something that will leave your recipient wishing they had a gift receipt so they can make a return, why not give the thoughtful and selfless Gift of Lasting Change. Did you know that our busiest shopping day last year was December 24?  That tells us that people are sincerely stumped for gift ideas. Can you just imagine the impact if every single one of those last minute gifts ended up being a Gift of Lasting Change – a gift that really makes a difference – instead?

?As a reminder, there are gifts at almost every price for almost anyone you can think of!

·       For $25 you can supply kit to help a group of women start their own CARE village savings group.

·       For $45 you can buy a goat for a farmer.

·       For $143 you can send a girl to school for a year.

·       For $100 you can help a former child bride rebuild her life and support her family.

·       You can also buy a Quick Gift of support for CARE’s most urgent work.?