Why Social Media Engagement Matters for CPAs

Although CPAs are one of the best-known types of professionals, many people don’t realize the full extent of their importance in the larger business world. A majority of companies rely on the advice and services of a CPA to ensure their success and compliance. In addition to being familiar with an array of changing tax and other business laws, CPAs also do well to consider following important topics on social media and engaging with followers. Searches for Adam Greene CPA and similar searches on social media sites are useful for learning about what sort of info CPAs are knowledgeable about. You will want to consider the benefits of social media if you are not using it to your full advantage already.

CPAs Should Follow Current Topics

CPAs can be in a better position to provide helpful advice to their clients when they are aware of the current issues that affect their businesses the most. Even issues occurring in other states may be of possible interest to a CPA if they have a diverse client base. Besides having a greater understanding of what issues are currently affecting business owners, CPAs who are savvy to current news topics will have a better way of anticipating what may come next that affects their clients. Clients are more likely to choose an accountant who is well-informed about current issues, and may choose you in part due to how well you seem to follow current topics.

Understanding the Issues That Affect Everyone

Regardless of what area a certified accountant specializes in, knowledge of general taxation issues is something that everybody relates to. Changes in the tax brackets, rates and deductions available affect everyone from large corporations down to college students with modest income levels. People are far more likely to heed advice about changes in taxation when the advice comes from a CPA. Even those who prefer to manage accounting issues on their own are likely to at least follow a professional to stay updated on changes that may affect them. You may be able to convert such inquirers into clients.

Thorough Knowledge of Economics

Economic issues are something that accountants are particularly knowledgeable about. In addition to taxes, regulatory issues often have a broader impact on the economy as a whole. Certified accountants who know economic issues that may affect their clients on a more local basis well will be in a better position to make necessary recommendations for their clients. Most business owners have little time to devote to following up on economic issues in the way that they would like to, making them more likely to go to an accountant for advice. With a thorough grounding in economic knowledge, business owners can be confident about the decision to ask an accountant for advice. While your knowledge of these issues is very important, you will need to also focus on whether you are using social media to its full potential.

Getting Started With Social Media

Although most people with Internet access use social media, many are unaware of the full potential of this type of medium. Business professionals, including CPAs, can have a major impact just with having an attention-getting profile and sharing interesting information that is not necessarily related to their business. For example, instead of directly promoting their products and services, accountants can share news stories of interest to their followers and offer commentary. This method of sharing gives certified accountants a way of addressing client questions, without doing so in an overly promotional way. It’s possible that you will see an increase in the number of people interested in your services with the use of a good profile.

Updated Information Matters

Having a large following online is most beneficial when you have an updated profile. Potential clients will give your status as a CPA more credibility when they see that your profile reflects your current employment information and educational credentials. Any continuing education that you receive that has anything to do with accounting should receive a mention. If you have any other areas of business study that are particularly relevant, you should mention them in your profile. Knowledge always matters, and you want your clients to have confidence in you.

Establishing Yourself Online

Even though an accountant already has certain necessary skills, you will stand out from everyone else by further establishing yourself online. One of the things that many possible clients look for when choosing a certified accountant is published writings. When you have writing available that you can promote, it gives others knowledge of your expertise, it helps give them an idea of how you might handle complex tax or company issues, and also helps get your name out. Many accountants establish a solid online reputation by offering opinion pieces on the latest tax issues.

Accountants are likely to find that, even with social media, the demand for their services will keep getting more competitive. Adaptability is always key when you are in this business. The more you know about these issues, the more respect you will have from others.