Best and Worst Car Insurance Companies

The best car insurance companies receive the highest ratings from J.D. Power and Associates, a consumer-satisfaction rating company. A company that makes its customers’ happiness the focus of its business is one that most people would be happy to sign up with. It appears that the car insurance company that does this the best is called Amica Mutual.

Amica Mutual Wins Top Honors

Amica Mutual does everything perfectly and for a car insurance company this is saying a lot. J.D. Powers and Associates ranks companies based on five different criteria. Amica Mutual received perfect scores in all five areas:

1.      Overall satisfaction,

2.      Policy offerings,

3.      Pricing,

4.      Billing and payment and

5.      Contacting the insurer

A major complaint that people have these days is that they feel like they are being treated like a number. Amica Mutual may have found a way to make their customers feel like human beings again by training their employees to treat every customer as an individual. They do this by making sure that those who appear to be unsure of what is going on fully understand the processes; they also try to speed things up for people who would like to move on to the next thing. Whatever the customer needs, Amica Mutual is ready to offer it to them.

Amica Mutual appears to be at the top for interacting with the insurer; this criterion just happens to be the most important in terms of customer satisfaction. A company that can make it easy for their customers to contact them in the manner that they like the best will see their customers rate them very highly. Amica Mutual adds to that convenience the fact that people will receive what they are looking for when they contact the company, and this is why they consistently score very highly on their surveys.

The Car Insurance Company that Needs Work

Now that the best has been found it is time to find out which insurance company is the worst and, therefore, the car insurance company to be avoided. The unlucky winner of the lowest scores contest is a car insurance company called Commerce. This company only received two out of five stars for Overall Satisfaction, two out of five stars for Policy Offerings, two out of five stars for Pricing, two out of five stars for Billing and Payment and two out of five stars for Contacting the Insurer.

A car insurance company that did not receive the best ratings from their customers has the chance to turn things around by beginning to offer the options that raise people’s satisfaction. One of those is accident forgiveness; some insurance companies promise not to raise their clients’ rates after they have been found at fault in one car collision. Insurance companies will also make this type of deal for tickets and those who have not filed any claims. This can raise customer satisfaction by 40 points, according to J.D. Power.

It has been decided, Amica Mutual is the best car insurance company for purchasing a policy. Commerce has a lot of work to do before it can catch up. seeks to provide consumers with helpful auto insurance information, helping them to be safe drivers and smart consumers.