3 Unique Ways I’ve Made Extra Money

Want to make extra money to pay off debt or save faster? Here are 3 unique side hustles anyone can do in their spare time to accelerate financial progress.When I became serious about paying off $45K in debt, I automatically reduced all my expenses to bare bones.

I even downsized from a one-bedroom apartment to a guesthouse studio in someone’s backyard.

Considering I was living there with my husband and our 35-pound Wheaten Terrier, you could say it was a tight squeeze.

Earning More Over Spending Less

But even after cutting our expenses, it still wasn’t enough to get out of debt as fast as we’d like. The only other viable option was to make more money so we could get out of debt faster.

When you’re already working a full-time job, making extra money is hard. Most people don’t want to leave a full-time job and then go work a night shift. Especially as many other non-full-time jobs involve minimum wage and standing on your feet for hours on end.

I needed something more flexible that would bring in money, but also allow me to continue to have an appropriate work-life balance.

Here are 3 unique ways I made extra money to pay off my debt faster.

1. Started a Blog

When I fully realized our predicament of $45K of debt, I decided to start a blog and document it. I started it completely as a hobby, and it developed enough that I started having companies contact me about advertising.

It started off small, and eventually I made $20K in a year from my blog. It was such a miracle to be able to make money from something I really enjoyed doing and to help pay off my debt!

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2. Mystery Shopper

To aid in my search for flexible jobs, I decided to start mystery shopping. Mystery shopping involves visiting stores and restaurants and then writing a review of your experience.

Most shops don’t pay much—about $10-20—but I often got a lot for free, such as a no-cost $120 dinner at a fancy restaurant, free coffee, free groceries, and even a free oil change.

3. Social Media Manager

I scoured the Craigslist job ads, never really expecting to find anything worthy. I ended up getting in touch with an author who was looking for social media help in promoting her book. I made $10 an hour helping her increase her followers and managing her website.

I found a niche by helping small nonprofits who couldn’t afford a lot, but were willing to pay $10 an hour to get set up on social media and have a decent working website.

I didn’t find the work difficult, and it was flexible enough to do on my off-time. I also developed great working relationships and expanded my network.

Don’t lose hope and think that a 9 to 5 office job is all you can do to earn money. Think outside the box and get creative. Figure out your strengths and play off that.

Are you good at crafting? Perhaps you can open an Etsy shop. Can you code? You can help design websites. There are lots of ways to make extra money that don’t require you to be chained to a desk. You just have to look for them and create your own opportunities.

What are some unique ways you’ve earned extra money? Would you be interested in any of these gigs? Do you focus on side hustling or pick up extra work at your job?