7 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

The following activities are all romantic, budget-friendly date ideas to celebrate your anniversary while still keeping your finances in mind.If, like me, you’re desperately trying to pay off debts and get your finances back on track, you may feel like celebrating your anniversary is completely out of the question.

It’s hard to justify spending money on something as frivolous as an anniversary date when you have so many bills to pay.

As hard as it is to get over that hurdle of guilt, don’t feel like you have to neglect your anniversary just because you have a debt to pay off.

The two aren’t mutually exclusive. You can celebrate your anniversary while still being prudent with your money and working towards financial independence.

Remember, paying off debt is important, but it’s also important to take the time to reconnect with your partner and celebrate the fact that you have spent another year together.

The following activities are all romantic, budget-friendly date ideas to celebrate your anniversary while still keeping your finances in mind.

1. Romantic picnic lunch

Pack your favorite lunch foods and head out for a romantic lunch in the great outdoors.

Take a drive to the beach, enjoy the local park, or hike to the top of the nearest hill. Picnic lunches offer you the opportunity to spend some quiet, quality time with your partner in beautiful surroundings.

2. See a matinée

Have you seen how expensive regular showtime tickets can be? It’s ridiculous. If you and your significant other love going to the movies together, but hate the idea of spending upwards of $20 on tickets alone, don’t worry, you can still enjoy going to see a movie together.

Opt for the matinee showing, and you will pay less than half of what prime time movie showings cost. Alternatively, your local theater may have a day dedicated to half-off tickets.

3. Bring out the board games

Nothing will bring out your true colors as a couple quite as much as a friendly, yet competitive, game night.

Celebrate your anniversary by kicking your partner’s rear in Scrabble, or see if you can actually finish a complete game of Monopoly.

4. Go for a hike

Find the nearest hiking trail local to you and celebrate your special day in the great outdoors. Leave the cellphones turned off and use the time to reconnect with your partner.

When your only distractions are the sounds of nature, you’ll be able to focus on what your significant other has to say.

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5. Visit a museum

Do you or your partner love art, science, or history? Why not spend your anniversary enjoying a museum together?

Many museums offer free admission or simply suggest a donation. Museums are a great, inexpensive way to spend some quality time together on your special day.

6. Camping and stargazing

I’d like to argue that there’s nothing quite as romantic as cuddling together by a bonfire. Campfires have a way of making people open up and become willing to talk about their deepest thoughts and emotions.

If you want an unforgettable anniversary, go camping, enjoy nature, and hold your partner’s hand as you gaze up at the stars together.

7. Candle light dinner in and a movie  

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate your anniversary is to spend a quiet night in together. You can spice things up by finding a new recipe to cook together, or if you would rather not cook, order your favorite take-out dish to share.

Enjoy your meal by candlelight, and then snuggle up to watch a movie together.

Do what makes you happy as a couple

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a romantic date with your significant other. Don’t feel obligated to spend more money than your budget can handle by going to an extravagant dinner or spending too much on entertainment.

Find an activity that you both enjoy as a couple, and spend quality time together.

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, anniversaries are a great time to reconnect with your partner. Whether it’s something as simple as a picnic or spending the night in, it’s nice to carve out the time and money to celebrate the fact that you have spent another year together.

Do you celebrate your anniversary? Do you try to keep your celebrations frugal? What’s the most fun date you’ve been on?