Five ways to make cash quickly

If you are looking for a way to make some more money on the side while leading a life that is just too busy, this list includes some of the best ways to help you get cash quickly:

Online Surveys

One popular and growing method of making some fast cash is by finding online surveys to fill out in your free time. Many companies including those that conduct research are often recruiting people to regularly fill out their surveys.  This helps them move new products to the market. In just a few minutes of your time, up to 10 or 20 dollars can be made.Start by trying some of the most popular websites such “Toluna” or “The Opinion Panel” first.

Sell those old cd’s, films and video games

One classic way to make money easily and quickly is to get rid of those old toys you don’t use anymore. It could also just make your life easier with less space being taken up around your home as well.  One particularly great thing about this method is the fact that CD’s, movies and videos games can often be copied onto your computer anyways, so you’re only saying good bye to the keepsake value of the object, not the entertainment.

Sell Your Notes

To those students or ex-students that don’t feel guilty about it, selling your notes online to desperate students can be a great way to generate cash with little to no extra effort. There are websites out there that make it as easy as uploading the notes. Then, as soon as a student decides to download, extra money is put in your pocket.  Check out popular websites such as “Notesale” which cost the up-loader nothing, however, do take some of the money earned from your upload. It should be noted that these websites do conduct a marketing campaign, making the profit split well worth it if easy money is what you want.

Sourcing property for investors

With such steep property prices, it may seem impossible for little guys to get in on the housing market. However, many are making cash by sourcing a property for wealthy investors who may be unable to do it themselves. While this might not seem like a quick way to make cash, once you establish a network (try online networking sites such as LinkedIn), the money comes with little effort and time.

Matched betting (No risk) –

Many shy away from online gambling because they see it as shady or too risky, however, matched betting is one of the quickest ways to make money in a risk free (legal) way. Some students have reportedly up three hundred dollars in no more than a day. Matched betting involves using websites that operate through a gambling exchange. This process allows you to bet on both sides of an outcome, thereby eliminating any risk. There are many online sources that can walk you through explanations for how it works, look it up so you can start making up to 25 dollars per bet.

Often times if you cannot make the cash you need you can take out a quick cash loan. These loans are often short term loans and you can get one the same day or the next business day online.