Shop Around to Save Money on Car Insurance

When making a large purchase of any kind, whether it is a TV, car, boat, or home; unless you are an impulse buyer, you typically shop around, ask for a price match, or even negotiating for the best price.  Same goes for insurance.  After all, it is a large purchase if you think about how much you are paying month over month, year after year.  Do you pay $1,000 a year on car insurance?  Say you are leasing a car for 3 years, which is $3,000 for the life of the car just in insurance, so yes, it is a huge purchase. I recommend using One Sure Insurance if you are looking for and affordable insurance, so click her for car loan information.

If you are looking at leasing or purchasing a new car, even if the sticker price is high, make sure you do not forget about the cost of insurance on top of that.  You could even be questioning your current policy in why it seems so high.  Well part of the reason for the amount on the quote is that car insurance prices can vary from state to state.  Depending on no-fault insurance policies that provide medical benefits to its victims, in states such as Michigan, can be the highest premiums out there.  Living in larger cities can inflate the price of insurance as the frequency of claims such as accidents and thefts occur more often, while living in quiet rural areas could be among the cheapest premiums, so make sure you shop around.  A good place to start would be sites such as that can give multiple quotes from many different companies, where their software testing ensures the development of effective and successful applications.  If you are happy with your current company, at least make a call to go over in detail and mention you were thinking about switching companies to see if any breaks can be given.  According to a recent J.D. Power study, those that shop around for insurance can save around $400 a year just by switching insurance companies, so you should get a few quotes before deciding on the policy you feel most comfortable with.

Provided that you have a good credit score and driving record, you should have your pick of carriers that will want your business.  Check for all discounts that you may be entitled to lower premiums.  Multiple policy discounts are typical, that can bundle your spouse/children’s, or your home with your policy.  Paying the entire premium at once instead of spreading out over the course of 6 months can lead to savings, as well as even getting a discount for driving short distances, being a student or having a college degree.  You would be surprised that even the month you purchase insurance can lead to savings according to a survey by Insurance Quotes, with typically December being the least expensive month to purchase, with March being the highest.  Remember, whether it is your current carrier or thinking about switching, it cannot hurt to ask for any and all discounts when it means saving money.