Invest in the Essential Clothing Items

My mother always told me that if you have great shoes, a few nice jackets or coast, a couple amazing handbags, and great glasses, I could wear clothes from a thrift shop and still look nice.  There are some pieces in your wardrobe that you should spend money on more than others.  A great jacket that you wear every day is worth spending a few hundred dollars on, as opposed to spending a crazy amount of money on concert t-shirts you will never wear again after that one night at the show.

When you buy new shoes it is hard not to look for the best deal out there, and that is ok to do if your buy shoes for a special event or vacation, but everyday shoes should cost more.  They may seem expensive at the time of purchase, but buying nice and durable shoes to wear day in and day out will save you money.  I personally used to buy my work shoes at a big box store, and every month or so I would need to go and buy a new pair.  I was spending $40 month on cheap shoes that my feet would sweat in, that the heel would rub off and that scuff the floor.  I finally decided I would spend some money on a great pair of heels for work and they have lasted me nine months wearing them 4-5 days a week.

Jackets and coats with good fabric material and a strong structure are worth the money.  A great jacket can last years and save you so much money over time.  Find the latest selection of Canada Goose jackets, pea coats, and leather jackets.  Spending money a nice coat will also make you look classy and expensive on the outside, when maybe what you are wearing underneath the jacket could be from a cheap big box store.  Having good style starts with a nice jacket so do not go cheap, because you will be replacing it in a few months after a zipper breaks or fabric rips.

Purses are a girl’s most favorite accessory.  They are a necessity and essential part of their wardrobe. You can find a great purse at department or specialty store that will last a very long time.  Getting an expensive purse in a neutral color like black, brown, or tan is worth spending a few hundred dollars on. Cheap purses might look cute for a month but then the plastic leather rips and you look cheap carrying the bag around.

Wearing nice glasses either sun glasses or reading glasses is something everyone wears.  You look sharp and people compliment your overall look based on your eyewear.  Spending more now on great pieces will save you money in the long run, because you won’t have to go out every spring and buy two or three pairs of cheap $20 sunglasses when you still have your $200 pair for the past three years in great shape.