10 Spring Cleaning Tasks That Save You Money

This list of ten spring cleaning tasks that save you money are great for both your wallet and your possessions! You can easily tackle them in a weekend.Spring is finally here.

With the ground starting to thaw and the sun shining, people everywhere are using the warmth as their first opportunity of the season to get up and tackle spring cleaning tasks. If you really don´t feel like cleaning, Maid Complete will take care of everything for you in the house, and you can also contact janitorial services for your office cleaning.

However, your belongings and storage places aren’t the only things that could justify a thorough cleaning.

The following list of ten spring cleaning tasks that save you money are good for both your home and your finances.

1. Spring clean your home’s air system

Ideally, you should change your home’s air filters by yourself monthly, but spring is a great time to run an annual check of your air system.

Hiring a professional HVAC worker to perform basic maintenance and run a system check will not only help you keep the air in your home filtered and clean, but it will also ensure that your air conditioning system will run efficiently.

Having routine maintenance inspections done will lengthen your home’s lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

2. Clean the gutters­

Cleaning the gutters is by far one of my least favorite tasks, but as a homeowner, it’s a task that I have to make sure gets taken care of before the spring and summer rains start pummeling our home.

Why is cleaning your gutters an essential task? It’s because neglected gutters, which are overburdened with decaying plant matter, can cause a buildup of water in unwanted places and lead to extensive and costly repairs.

By simply cleaning them out as part of your spring (and fall) cleaning rituals, you can help prevent costly home damage. It won’t cost you anything more than an afternoon of your time.

I’ve found that using my pressure washer to spray out the leafs helps a lot and makes it go by faster.

3. Dust the refrigerator coils

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to remember to clean the coils of your refrigerator, which should be cleaned at least twice each year.

If you allow the coils of your fridge to become covered in dirt and dust, your unit won’t be able to release the hot air that is pulled from inside the fridge to keep your food cold.

Essentially, dirty coils mean that you’ll be wasting money on a fridge that’s burning more energy than necessary. Don’t shorten your fridge’s lifespan by forcing it to work harder than necessary. Pull it out and use a vacuum attachment to remove all the dust and debris from the coils to help it run efficiently.

4. Clean out the lint traps and hoses on your dryer

Refrigerator coils aren’t the only thing that need to be maintained to run efficiently. Spring is a great time to do basic maintenance on your dryer as well.

Lint traps and the dryer line should be thoroughly cleaned to help the dryer run efficiently and to prevent nasty lint fires. Remember to pull out the lint trap and clean it with an oil-removing solution such as Palmolive or Dawn dish soap.

Soap, oils, and residue can build up on the filter’s screen, preventing it from trapping lint efficiently.

5. Dust your fan blades, window sills, and ledges

My favorite way to save money during the warmer months is by taking advantage of ceiling fans and fresh air to keep cool. There’s nothing worse than letting a fresh spring breeze pass through disgusting windows or turning on your ceiling fan and having dust swirl around the room from the blades.

So before the warm weather comes each year, I always remember to clean off the tops of my ceiling fan blades and clean out the window sills and ledges. I love being able to save money simply by enjoying fresh air, instead of turning on the AC.

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6. Perform routine maintenance on your vehicle

If you’re putting together a spring to-do list, don’t forget about your vehicle. For example, did you know that the warm weather can change your tire pressure?

During the spring, make sure your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s suggested pressure. Doing so will help increase the lifespan of your tires and improve your fuel economy, saving you money daily and in the long run.

You’ll also want to make sure that you check all of your vehicle’s fluid levels, including the oil, antifreeze (radiator fluid), and washer fluid. Spending a little bit on maintenance will help prevent more costly repairs down the road and ensure that your vehicle is performing to the best of its ability.

7. Septic tank maintenance

If your home runs on a septic tank, basic maintenance can prevent costly repairs. Use your spring cleaning to-do list to help prevent an expensive breakdown of the system.

Adding bacteria and enzymes to your system in the spring is an inexpensive solution for improving the breakdown of materials in the tank.

8. Clean out your closets

Spring clean your closets by getting rid of all of the junk you don’t use anymore. Why keep clutter that’s junking up your home and clogging up your closets? Use spring cleaning as your opportunity to keep your items to a bare minimum.

You can also make some money off of your clutter by holding a yard sale or selling items on Craigslist or eBay. And remember, for the items you’re unable to sell, you can still benefit financially by donating those goods to charity and writing them off as a tax deduction.

9. Clean Up Your Credit Score

Your home isn’t the only thing that needs to be spruced up each year. Spring (i.e. tax time) is a great time to get your free annual credit report and make sure that there aren’t any errors or false reports on your credit score.

Getting your report is also a great way to ensure that there isn’t any credit fraud linked to your name.

You can get your score for free from all of the major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are the main ones). Creditkarma.com is one of my favorite websites that gives you free access your credit score, and myannualcreditreport.com will give you free access to your credit report.

10. Clean up your budget

If you spring clean your house, don’t forget to spring clean your budget, too. If you’re using last year’s budget for this year’s numbers, you’re most likely working with an outdated budget.

Bills, insurance premiums, and taxes all fluctuate from year to year, so make sure that you revamp your budget so it accurately reflects your finances.

Spring cleaning really does save money

Don’t put off your spring cleaning tasks. They may be a hassle now, but they will help keep you organized, save money, and lengthen the lifespan of your home and appliances.

Don’t forget to spring clean your finances as well. Take a hard look at your budget and make sure it accurately reflects your financial situation. Doing maintenance on your home and finances now will help you avoid costly repairs (or financial mistakes) down the road.

Do you spring clean your home and finances? What annual tasks are on your to-do list to save money?