Advanced Life Insurance Opportunity for Seniors

What if there was a resource for the retirement crisis that we are facing as the Baby Boomer Generation turns 65?

$639 billion dollars of life insurance benefits were lapsed and surrendered in 2013 as well as a staggering 88% of Universal Life policies lapsed and surrendered before they were claimed. The Wall Street Journal says, “…Sell the policy on the life-insurance secondary market…a professional investor will pay an upfront amount for rights to the future death benefit.”

By avoiding loss associated with life insurance, seniors have the potential to earn at least 8x more than the surrender value offered by insurance companies. This can bring financial security and added income to sustain a lifestyle, pay for medical care and vacation getaways.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that life insurance is an asset and can be treated as a commodity to be sold like any other. With 92 million people projected to be over 65 in the year 2060, a new and improved prospect of retiring has advanced. For many seniors, selling their life insurance could offer the freedom that they need to live a stable and fulfilling life.

GWG Life put together an infographic explaining the benefits of seniors selling their life insurance.