Credit Card Processing With PayAnywhere

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Much like the change of popularity from pagers to cell phones, the change between cell phones to smartphones is inevitable.  Along with the switch over to smartphones comes a demand to simplify the day to day functions of life.  As you already know users are able to check their e-mail, update their social networking pages, manage their bank accounts, read the newspaper, and can turn their smartphone into a remote to control everything from keyless entry to a car to the alarm system of their homes.  The demand to be able to control more aspects of life from a smartphone is growing.

The functions a smartphone can do are even impacting businesses.  Sure any business can create apps where they can launch virtual marketing campaigns, launch daily deals, and even allow their customers to place orders from their phones.  So why shouldn’t they be able to turn their phone into a mobile credit card reader?

The innovative developers at PayAnywhere have done that.  Small businesses, contractors, and businesses who find themselves on the go, can easily turn their cash only establishments into a thriving credit card accepting business.  With low processing fees and no monthly fees Blue Pay is the most affordable way for a business to accept credit cards.

PayAnywhere is also one of the leaders in B2B credit card processing.  With each user provided with their own unique account, the risks associated with sharing one with strangers is eliminated.  The credit card data is also not stored on the phone, on the credit card reader, or on the app.

If running an eco-friendly business in something that you are interested in you’ll love to learn about the unique receipt processes PayAnywhere uses.  No traditional paper receipts are provided.  Instead a customer will received their receipt seconds after their payment is processed via e-mail.