6 Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Appreciate

Not sure what to get mom for her special day? It's coming up fast! Use these 6 affordable Mother's Day gifts as inspiration to make your mom's day.Mothers hold such a valuable role in all of our lives.

Don’t put off getting a Mother’s Day gift until the very last minute.

This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th, which is coming up fast.

When you shop early for gifts, you’ll be more likely to find a wide variety of discounts and offers to take advantage of before items and services start getting scarce.

You may even save money by making timely purchases at your convenience.

Here are six affordable Mother’s Day gifts you might want to consider this year.

1. Gift Certificate to a Nail Salon

Instead of having to go out of budget trying to afford a pricey spa day, offer your mom a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon.

A manicure or pedicure can be very relaxing and some women don’t even indulge in these activities regularly after life gets so busy, so it could be a nice treat.

Contact local nail salons to see if they offer any Mother’s Day offers or discounts to help make your surprise even more affordable.

2. Use a Groupon for an Activity

The older I get, the more I just want to spend quality time with my mom whenever I can. After years of gift exchanges, you might run out of ideas and start to feel the same way.

You can still let your mother know you appreciate her and spend some quality time together by doing an activity that you both enjoy.

For activity ideas that don’t cost much, head to Groupon and search for local deals. There may be a class you both can take together or a fun outing like rock climbing or a museum.

3. A Good Book

Does your mom like recommendations of good books to read? Relaxing on the couch or on the porch and getting into a good book is a luxury many people have to make time for considering their regular responsibilities and work schedules.

Your mom may appreciate an interesting fiction book, non-fiction self-development book, biography, or even a cookbook that caters to some of her diet preferences.

You can find cheap but good books just about anywhere including resale book stores, thrift shops like Goodwill, garage sales, your local library’s book sales/giveaways, and even online on sites like Amazon and eBay.

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4. Flowers and Tools for an Outdoor Garden

If your mom likes to garden, instead of buying an expensive, short-lived bouquet of flowers, consider getting her gardening tools along with seeds and flowers so she can decorate the landscape around her home.

This can even be a fun project that you do together. Stop by your local Home Depot store and check out the garden department for deals on plants. Try to avoid ordering plants online as they can be expensive in addition to shipping fees.

5. Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is a great DIY gift. If you like crafts, consider making a piece of jewelry from scratch to create a more meaningful and custom gift. Materials for basic handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are pretty affordable depending on where you shop.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on real materials to make your items look nice. You can pick up small jewelry kits along with individual supplies at stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. They will do the trick.

Michael’s also has free or low-cost classes, so you might want to see if your local store has an upcoming jewelry class you can attend to get specific instructions if you need help with your jewelry project.

6. Fabric Organizer Bins

Storage baskets are the new and very popular home accessory these days. While storage compartments have been around for quite some time, lately retailers have been showcasing fabric storage bins in all sorts of cool designs and colors.

Organization is often the key to relieving stress, feeling less crowded, and being able to find what you need quickly in order to avoid feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. This is a great gift that can help organize any room in the house and even add some personal flair.

You can find a variety of fabric storage bins for cheap at major retailers like Target, Walmart, and almost any store that sells home goods. I’ve even seen some of these organizer bins at dollar stores for a low price.

Extra Tips

Don’t stress out trying to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Start by asking your mom what she wants or needs because there could be something she’s been in need of for quite some time. If you have siblings, see if they can pitch in on a gift or activity with you.

Consider cooking breakfast or hosting a potluck brunch at your home on Mother’s Day instead of dining out at a restaurant. Also, when your focus is on showing your appreciation in a meaningful way, you’ll find that spending a lot of money has very little to do with it.

Get creative and focus on the true meaning of the holiday: spending time with your mom and family and acknowledging how important your mom is in your life.

Have you started shopping for Mother’s Day yet? Which one of these gifts is the best option for you? What are you planning to get your mom?