The 3 Most Common Causes Of Financial Stress

In this day and age, you’re doing wonders if you aren’t in any financial distress. There are so many things that can cause financial problems. I think it helps if you know some of the things that lead to issues with your personal finances. That way, you can try and be prepared and think of ways to tackle them. So, here are the most common causes of financial distress:


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It sounds harsh, but your children are often the main cause of your financial stress. Anyone with a child can tell you that they cost a lot of money to raise. They’re going to be dependent on you for eighteen years at least. Think about all the clothes and food you’ll have to buy for them over the years. Not to mention having to pay more for your utility bills. Then, you have things like college tuition fees to save up for, and buying them a car. This all sounds like a lot, and that’s just for one child! Imagine how tough it is for parents with multiple children.



Poor Health

Having poor health can take a serious toll on your finances. If you get ill, then you can end up having to pay loads of expensive hospital bills every month. This can put a massive dent in your personal finances. Plus, you’ll have to take time off work and won’t be able to earn your normal amount of money. And, it’s not just illness that means you’re in poor health. Sustaining an injury can damage your finances too. It can put you out of work, and you can generate costly health bills as well. Thankfully, there are laws in place that mean you can get workers compensation if you get injured while at work. So, at least, you’re able to get some money back for your trauma. In fact, it may be possible to get some form of compensation with most injuries. Especially if you got them as the result of an accident that wasn’t your fault.



Lack Of Work

Sometimes, the cause of your financial distress is the most obvious thing on the planet; you’re not working. There are tonnes of unemployed people out there that are struggling to make ends meet and trying to get by on benefits. A lot of the time, this isn’t by choice. They’re trying to find work but just can’t get anything. Life is very competitive, and there is always more than one person trying to get the same job. For someone that didn’t get a good education, and has limited experience, it can be so hard to find work. Obviously, when you don’t work, you get hardly any money. Your best bet is to try and do some voluntary work so that you have work experience on your resume. Yes, you won’t get paid, but it can help put you in a better position to get a job.

If you have money problems, then you’re not doomed for the rest of your life. You can do things to get your finances back in shape and start living without any stress.