10 Budget Wedding Gifts That Are Fun to Give and Receive

Being a wedding guest can get expensive. Here are ten creative, budget wedding gift ideas that don't look cheap!Everyone talks about how expensive it is to host a wedding.

But no one really talks about how expensive it is for the guests to attend a wedding.

If you’re going as a couple, you have to buy an outfit for each of you. Have kids? Need to pay a babysitter. At a hotel? Have to pay for parking.

Out of town wedding? Pay for the room. Traveling for the wedding? Have to pay for gas and/or flight.

And on top of all that, you have to buy a wedding gift, too.

With so many couples cohabitating these days, the wedding couple is often forgoing registries all together, and requesting money for the honeymoon, which makes it almost impossible to give anything less than $100, depending on how well you know the couple.

Let’s stop the madness! Go rogue, and pick a budget wedding gift that will not only save your wallet, but help you stand out from the crowd!

1. Picnic Basket

While I definitely appreciated every gift card and cash money gift I received (because we were really broke!), one of the gifts I remember the most when I got married was a beautiful picnic basket.

It was filled with plastic wine glasses, plastic plates, a bottle of wine, and lots of picnic type goodies like crackers, salami, etc. It was super creative and cute!

2. Personalized Frame

Get the Mr. and Mrs. a personalized wedding frame with their wedding date engraved in the frame. It’s very sentimental and will usually only run you about $40.

3. Welcome Mat

Welcome the new couple into marriage with a personalized welcome mat! These mats with last name and state are often on sale for $20.

4. Monogrammed Frame

This monogrammed frame is a great addition for a newly married couple. Add in some initialed coffee mugs and a pound of their favorite coffee, and you just created a cute little gift!

5. Wine Basket

If you’re close to the couple, consider getting a bottle of their favorite wine and slapping a personalized label on it for them to open on their one year wedding anniversary. Add in a pair of decent wine glasses to sweeten it up.

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6. Date Night

Is the couple a broke wedding couple, too? Consider treating them to a date night on you. Include a gift card to a favorite restaurant and two movie tickets (discounted at $16 a pair at Costco!).

I know when we were broke, restaurant gift cards were always welcome so we could afford an evening out!

7. Cutting Board

A personalized cutting board is an excellent statement piece that won’t break the bank. This one is only $25 and looks a lot more expensive!

8. Coffee Mugs

A hubby wifey mug set will melt any bride-to-be’s heart. Add in some specialty roasted coffee and you have a sweet gift!

9. Monogrammed Hand Towels

Everyone can use hand towels. And lots of places sell monogrammed hand towels at no extra cost to you! Upgrade it to an elegant gift by grabbing a set of towels.

10. Household Supplies

While this may not be the most exciting gift, if you’re into couponing, chances are you’ve snagged great deals on your daily household supplies.

I once watched my mom fill a gigantic box with daily household supplies, like tissues, Windex, paper towels, toothpaste, toilet paper, napkins, dish detergent, etc.

This is stuff that all adds up when you have to buy it on your own, but I know the couple appreciated having it and my mom was able to give a big gift without it hurting her bottom dollar.

What are some fun, budget wedding gifts that you’ve given or received?


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