Affordable Gifts Dad Will Appreciate for Father’s Day

Most dads can be hard to shop for. If you have no idea where to start for his special day, try these 5 affordable Father's Day gifts!I’m sure you took the time to make Mother’s Day memorable for your mom in one way or another, but don’t forget about dad.

Father’s Day is just as important, and it’s easy to celebrate even when funds are tight.

Of course, the true meaning of these holidays is all about acknowledgement and family time; both are priceless and free.

However, if you’re looking to get your dad something special, here are 5 affordable Father’s Day gifts.

1. Custom T-Shirt

Can your dad really ever have enough t-shirts? Custom t-shirts are cheap, meaningful, and look great. Teespring is a website that has a wide variety of t-shirts, and you can take it upon yourself to design your own t-shirt for your dad while also selling it to others.

Teespring is an e-commerce site that simplifies the process of selling shirts you design and you can support other causes by purchasing their products. People also use the site’s features for crowdfunding and other campaigns to fill a need or support a cause they are passionate about.

What better way to provide a memorable gift this Father’s Day than to start a trendy t-shirt campaign that your friends and family can join in on to recognize fathers and influential men in their lives?

2. Custom Essentials Kit

Is your dad’s wallet looking dingy these days? Does he wear his “lucky socks” every time you see him? Everyone has those little knick-knacks they need to replace or restock, but never get around to doing it.

Sometimes it doesn’t cost much at all, but as procrastinators, some people tend to put off the small items they really want or need.

Instead of purchasing a name brand or designer gift set, create your own to give your dad on father’s day and fill it with all his favorite token things that can either be wants or needs.

Stop by your local Target or Walmart and grab a brand new faux leather wallet, a tie, some socks, a cell phone case and maybe even your dad’s favorite mid-day snack. Package it up nice and neat to create his own custom essentials kit.

Choose a handful of items to create your kit and feel free to shop the clearance section at your favorite store. This gift will surely be appreciated and shouldn’t cost you more than $50.

3. Drone

Ever see someone flying something and wondered what is that flying thing? Its a drone, and is so much fun to control and fly around. Its something that not only will dad love to do but the kids can also try. And it helps get everyone out of the house for a couple hours!

4. Go Camping for the Weekend

If your dad loves the outdoors, organize a camping trip for Father’s Day weekend for the entire family. Take charge of all the planning so your dad has nothing left to do but relax and enjoy the trip. Camping locally is cheapest per night, especially if you’re a county resident at the campground you stay at.

You can bring your bikes or rent a canoe, go hiking and fishing, and enjoy some quality time together. When it’s time cook your meals, surprise your dad with an awesome portable briefcase BBQ grill. These things are so cool and convenient, too. They cost less than $100 so if you split the price of the gift with a sibling or your significant other, it won’t cost much at all.

5. Tool-in-One Gift

Keeping all your belongings organized is not easy. If it becomes an issue to find common things like scissors or a pen in your household, there’s almost no doubt your dad may misplace his tools once or twice, even if he is a pretty organized person.

A tool-in-one set is nice because it includes basic everyday tools that are all connected like a key chain to prevent you from losing any specific tool. There are many different types of similar products, but I like this one because it includes a hammer, screwdriver, pocket knife, saw and more.

Even if your dad is typically hard to shop for, there are so many affordable Father’s Day gift ideas out there to choose from. Just think about things your dad has commented about wanting to get, or his favorite hobbies.

What are you set on doing for Father’s Day this year? What do you think your dad will like? What gifts have you given to him in the past that have been well-received?