3 Ways Spread Betting Can Be a Money Making Hobby

Spread betting is one of the fastest and most accessible investment forms available through the web or on your mobile device. Though trusted platforms like ETX Capital, users can perform spread betting functions related to commodities, indices, and Forex currencies. It’s all about anticipating value changes between two pairs of assets chosen by the user. Dividends earned are related to the accuracy of user predictions. With experience, it’s possible to learn how patterns emerge in value fluctuations, and how real world events influence value, related to one or more specific financial entities. Armed with this knowledge, spread betting users can earn a lot of money in very little time. But unlike traditional investment methods, spread betting is fun and can be approached somewhat casually. People are learning to incorporate it into their daily lives, almost like a pastime or hobby. Here’s why that works.


  • Spread Betting Doesn’t Take a Lot of Money to Start. Most spread betting platforms allow users to start free trial accounts. This gives users the chance to try out their hand at everyday spread betting decisions that full account users make every day. They’ll even see how much money they’d make or lose in real time. Of course, to lock in these profits it’s necessary to invest some money. Fortunately, this requirement isn’t very extreme. Unlike retirement brokerage accounts which frequently recommend that people invest $500 monthly to meet yearly contribution limits for IRAs, users are often able to start a Spread Betting account with around $250, all of which can be turned into more money as soon as the account is operational.
  • Spread Betting Increases Your Savvy Across the Board. Spread betting doesn’t require the user to buy assets, but it does require the user to learn about the assets that compose markets all around the world. With this knowledge of how values ebb and flow throughout the world’s economies, users are armed with insights that translate into better investments, even outside of the spread betting arena. Let’s say you make a lot of money trading against the value changes of companies in the healthcare sector. As you become more knowledgeable about that industry, you will be better equipped to make actually ownership investments in companies that could make you money outside of spread betting.
  • Spread Betting Doesn’t Take Much Time. Spread betting sessions can take days if you wish, but can also take only minutes. This allows people to make money during a lunch break, while on the treadmill at the gym, or on the weekends. Traditional investments take years to mature, but require little daily attention. Spread betting requires attention, but takes little time. If you make well-considered decisions, you can make money fast, then get back to your life.


Spread betting is a common topic on personal finance blogs around the world, because it’s a great money making tool available to normal people. With practice you can turn spread betting into huge returns. Make a trial account with a trusted broker and see how you do. With practice you’ll do even better!