Five Tips for Successful Sales Conversion

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Businesses generally spend huge amounts driving their marketing campaigns and it is very easy to overlook the most important aspects of promoting a brand. Specifically, firms tend to find it hard to convert interest in and visitors to their site into revenue and generally losing custom to rivals.

Not only can the lost custom be an irritation, it also renders the costly campaign pointless. Here are five tips to avoid wasting your time and money when marketing your business:

Excessive Sales Jargon is TMI

It’s all well and good discussing the marketing campaign with your advertising team using complex, and somewhat annoying, jargon but your customers are unlikely to understand it if you introduce it into your marketing. Overly techy phrases and incomprehensible abbreviations will disengage the audience – consider an advert for a BMW with ABS, TCS, ARS, LSD etc; it doesn’t make any sense.

If you look at sites such as, you will see an example of excellent marketing. Clear lines, simple messages and no abbreviations – you aren’t paying by the letter so don’t do it!

Keep the Experience Simple

Arguably, this is the most important factor for a successful marketing campaign. Now a days, small to large companies implement diffrent ways to get their messages around, lately a new platform has risen, text marketing software by UltraSMSScript allows companies to send regular updates to its customers and potential customers.

Major criticisms tend to stem from issues translating a website to a mobile platform. Many customers use mobile devices to access purchasing businesses and if the site doesn’t display well on their devices they will disengage and go elsewhere.

Keep it simple and test everything before going to launch – a long loading time or too many phases to complete a transaction will send your potential customer straight to your rivals.

Offer Appealing Incentives

Virtually every business offers its customers rewards in the present market. Tesco have their clubcard, welcome bonuses are plenty when players try different casino games, and Amazon offer their Prime service to customers. Incentives generally keep customers coming back time and time again but they also encourage new custom – especially welcome bonuses.

Online gambling websites have certainly made the most of the incentive scheme by offering free bets, matched deposits and even enhanced odds to their customers to increase the potential returns from their stakes. These ideas are transferable from industry to industry and a minor outlay could increase returns exponentially.

Colour Influences Mood

Colour psychology is very important when putting together a marketing campaign or even your company’s house style. A little investigation into the moods colours can influence will give you a good base to build from – a colour that promotes soothing such as Purple would be ideal for beauty or spa treatment businesses.

Using the wrong colour for your business can have catastrophic consequences. A company that offers relaxation products should avoid colours such as Red and Orange as they signify energy and aggression respectively – hence why DIY specialists B&Q use Orange in their advertising.

Strong Business Proposition

A brief overview of your businesses core principles and values will go a long way to engaging the customer and will give them a clear understanding of your business immediately. Inundating customers with reams and reams of text discussing every finite detail of your company is very poor practice and will see customers switch off.

By creating clear, concise text on your website or marketing materials will create a strong brand/business proposition which will subconsciously encourage customers to trust your brand as a consistent, to the point company.