The Success of Online Gaming

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Since the Internet has become faster and much more accessible around the globe, people are embracing new things to do online. Whether this is signing up for Facebook for the first time, downloading their morning newspaper digitally or playing free bingo with house of bingo there is something for everyone online these days.

Online gaming has made the biggest advances by a big margin with progressively more and more people getting involved with gaming online. There’s much to choose from including online casinos, online bingo, massively multiplayer online games and even a new Pokemon simulation taking the world by storm.

Here are some facts you may not have known about the world of online gaming:

Growth has Trebled since 2005

The financial side of online gaming has never been so successful. Since 2005 the value of the online gaming market has exceeded $41.4 billion – a shocking statistic considering its value was a meagre $13.8 million in 2005. The exponential growth shows a sector in excellent health and you have to admire the success.

Online Sales are Massive

Online sales generally include purchasing apps, in-game purchases and other micro transactions that have accumulated to $24 billion as of 2012. There is a strong belief this figure could top $40 billion by the end of 2017 and a large part of this success is down to the “free-to-play” model which allows users full access to a game or app but encourages in game purchases to progress or level up quicker.

Older Generations are Getting Involved

Gaming has long been associated with the younger generation but this stereotype has been cast out as the older generation find enjoyment from social gaming. Those playing online bingo receive access to chat rooms alongside the game where they can converse with the others playing the same game – this appears to have encouraged many to join in from a more mature audience. Who can forget receiving a Facebook notification from their mother playing Farmville? Proof it’s been happening for longer than you thought.

More than 50% of Gamers are Female

Recent reports suggest 52% of gamers are female and this has come as a surprise to many who recall the stereotypical male teenager whiling away his days glued to an Xbox. The industry has previously been lambasted for its treatment of women, especially female characters in games who are usually over designed and underclothed. Thankfully, times appear to be changing and a more equal gaming society is prevailing.

Social Gaming was Influenced by Online Gambling

The UK’s online gambling sector has just risen over £2 billion and if this doesn’t show the power of gaming nothing else will. The impact of online casinos can be directly linked to the rapid growth of the online gaming community and as technology advances, better things are surely still to come.