How Technology has Revolutionised Online Payments

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The Internet has changed the way we do so many things in recent years impacting heavily on activities such as shopping, viewing television and now how we pay for things. Physical money is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as digital payments are seemingly taking over.

Granted, some people will continue to rely on bank notes and coins no matter the advances in payment technology but, for the most part, debit and credit cards have been the dominant payment method for many. As technology continues to evolve, even card payments will soon been outmoded.

The Age of Contactless

Ease is favoured over security as far as contactless payments are concerned as simply tapping a contactless debit or credit card can authorise a transaction of up to £30 – you can’t argue with the convenience. There are around 300 contactless payments processed every minute and it is obvious the Chip and Pin system and EMV credit card machines will soon be phased out in favour of contactless.

Apple Pay

Apples dominance in the mobile phone industry has seen them develop all manner of apps to replace other technology such as Sat Nav apps and iTunes seeing off physical music purchasing. Now, Apple have introduced Apple Pay as an extension of contactless payments. By registering a contactless payment card to the app, a swipe of your iPhone will now process payments meaning there’s little need to carry anything other than your phone.

Samsung and other Android based devices are providing similar services, but Apple Pay is by far the most popular.


A completely digital currency, Bitcoin has no connection to banks and has no real organisational structure giving a sense of freedom with your funds. The service is also anonymous for those who dislike feeling as though they are tracked by their bank – before long, some modicum of tracing will be applied to Bitcoin to increase security but if anything this is a positive.


PayPal is fast becoming a veteran of the digital payment market. For those who bid on eBay or perhaps play your favourite bingo games, you will have noticed the PayPal logo emblazoned all over the websites. This is because of the immense trust and ease o use PayPal offer their users – if anything, PayPal is by far the most popular technological advancement of all payment methods.