7 Bloggers to Follow for Awesome Deals & Savings

Love getting a good deal, but don't have the time to hunt for bargains? Follow these 7 bloggers who do the work for you so you can save money effortlessly.I love saving money. I get an emotional high from knowing I got a good deal.

Back when my husband and I were trying to claw our way out of $45,000 of debt, I couponed like crazy.

I spent hours clipping coupons, learning the coupon policy, price matching, and putting together my shopping list.

But then we paid off our debt.

I got complacent. I stopped couponing, and I stopped bargain hunting.

Once we had a baby, I insisted that I simply didn’t have the time.

However, I recently got motivated to start bargain shopping again because my husband and I are seriously considering me being a stay at home mom. Financially though, can we do it?

One of the first steps was seeing if I could go back to saving money on our monthly grocery list. But being a full-time working mom with an infant–did I have the time to bargain hunt?

Turns out–I found others to do the work for me. Here are seven bloggers I started following to give me the scoop on awesome savings and deals.

1. Pink Rose Mama

I follow Pink Rose Mama on Facebook and she is one of my favorites because all her stuff is Amazon deals. Which means I don’t have to clip coupons at all! I simply hit a few buttons on my computer, and bam, I’m saving money.

I love to follow her for the awesome Amazon Subscribe and Save deals. I simply add stuff to my  monthly subscribe and save, the items arrive at my door , and after I get the savings, I take the items off of subscribe and save. This ensures that I am getting the best deals all the time–like huge boxes of diapers for $10!

2. Clearance Queens

They post great finds at several stores that are found on clearance. Everything from TVs to diapers to lamps and households items. You usually have to run to your store to make sure you score the deal!

3. Krazy Coupon Lady

I love using the Krazy Coupon Lady website and app to put together my shopping list. She tells me everything that’s on sale, and also tells me where to find the coupons that I need so I make my savings.

It takes out all the guesswork and matching for me, so all I have to do is clip and go. Saves me a ton of time!

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4. Deal Seeking Mom

She’ll give you deals on everything – from free photos to groceries, she’s a great blogger to follow if you’re in need of buying something for your house.

5. Money Saving Mom

She not only posts great deals and finds (including freebies!), she also blogs about living a debt free lifestyle and encourages her readers to live within their means. That’s advice I can support!

6. Bargain Babe

In addition to household items and groceries, she is great about posting deals on toys for your family–never pay full price for gifts ever again!

7. BabySavers

Looking for deals on more than just groceries and toiletries? BabySavers lets you in on huge savings for household and baby supplies – everything from toys to school supplies to diapers. Save all the way from infancy to when your child is in school.

What are some of your favorite deal and savings bloggers? Do you look elsewhere to score a good deal? Do you follow any of these blogs?