Improving Conversion Rates

Improving Conversion Rates

The single most important factor to consider when building your website is promoting conversion – essentially, encouraging the user to complete a transaction or whatever else the website is asking them to do.

There are a number of reputable website builders to choose from that offer the function to build CTA’s (Call to actions) across the site any way you like. It is a combination of elements that result in successful conversion; mostly SEO, content and design.

This guide will focus on the key elements you may not have realised affect conversion:


If a website isn’t user friendly it will cause a severe drop in conversion. Users needn’t be pandered to exclusively if it will compromise another element but being deliberately awkward won’t give the right message.

It is important to focus on speed and simplicity for the user. Take online shopping as an example; the most successful websites offer fast transactions that can be completed as simply as possible such as Amazon’s one click functionality. Less successful e-commerce websites have lengthy ordering processes reducing conversion – entering addresses multiple times is a common failing for e-commerce.

Your visitor’s opinion will be formed in seconds; if the site takes a long time to load or if there are too many options thrust at them it will give a negative impression – keep it simple and speedy where possible.

Conversion Centric Features

As mentioned, Amazon’s one click function is a prime example of a Conversion Centric Feature. It is designed to make the process as simple as possible and gently push the user into completing their transaction. If you want to learn more about the marketing industry right now, then go check out the Awin Report.

There are many simple ways to persuade users to complete actions such as emboldening headings that lead to conversion functions and placing them in common click locations. Equally, the site needs to load quickly to avoid the user becoming fatigued with delays – keep the user interested and draw their attention to your product or service as quickly as possible.

Design Aesthetics

In brief, if something looks appealing the user can be persuaded into following up on it. This doesn’t only apply to the colouration of the site, it also applies to the tone of the written content and the lighting/focus of any images.

It may seem bizarre to say but you can also literally point your users in the direction you want them to look. Many websites have subtle hints to direct your attention such as pointed bullet points, arrows and even images that point or look in the area they want the user to focus on. These are slightly outmoded elements of web design but they still serve a purpose as the most basic of the aesthetic conversion improvements.

Keep the Customer Interested

You could go as far as to say you need to keep your customers delighted with your website but that may be a stretch too far, you can follow the simple guides that Red Rain SEO has on the subject. Bad news does travel fast and if one user gives a bad review or offers negative feedback it will impact on your conversion rate.

Poor design, a lack of fluidity to your processes or a messy sitemap will all deter users from converting their interest into transactions etc. Fresh content and constant testing will keep customers interested and returning to your website.

Improving Conversion

It doesn’t take much to improve conversion when you think about it; if anything you simply need to put yourself in the position of the user and think ‘would I use this service/business’? If the answer is no then it is time to invest in some improvements to promote conversion – refer back to this guide and you’ll be improving in no time