Low on Dough: Places to Find a Few Bucks and Make It to Your Next Paycheck

It is never a great feeling to find that your bank balance has a big hole in it and payday suddenly seems a very long time away.


Services like Captain Cash can often help to plug the gap when you are low on a dough and get you the money you need on a short-term basis. There are also some ways to generate a bit of extra cash, that might simply be lying around the house.


Raid the closet


A great place to start when you are trying to get your hands on some cash in a bit of a hurry, is to open the closet and take a look at just how many items of clothing you have in there that haven’t seen the light of day for ages.


Many of us can easily end up with way too many clothes in the closet than we actually need. Once you have had a good purge, get down to your local consignment store, where you could get paid up to 50% of the selling price, or maybe an online source like Thredup.com might prove rewarding, allowing you the chance to get the lion’s share of the sale price.


Designer shoes and handbags can prove to be a magnet when they are in the store, so it makes sense to have a bit of a clearance when you need some money, as you should be able to find plenty of willing buyers who are equally drawn to some of your shoes and handbags that you really wouldn’t miss.


Cash for phones


There is an absolute mountain of unused cell phones and so many of us have at least one or more old models gathering dust in a drawer somewhere.


Even if a phone is not in working order or slightly damaged, it could still have a value. You should be able to find plenty of sites online who will make you an offer for your old cell phone, and you might get a nice surprise to hear just how much you can get for something you don’t need anymore.


Cash in some gift cards


The amount of gift cards that go unclaimed each year is staggering, with some estimates running at well over $950 million, which is a lot of cash that is going spare.


If you have some gift cards lying around that you simply don’t want or haven’t got around to using, there are loads of websites, like Cardpool.com and CardCash.com to name just a couple, where you could get about 90% of the card’s value back.


Have a look through the drawers and dig out those old gift cards, as it could be an easy route to a bit of extra cash.


Get rid of those old games


There is always a new video game to grab your attention and this means that there is a fair chance you will have built up a bit of a collection of old games that no longer get played.


A good way of generating a bit of extra dough in no time at all, is to have a good look through your collection, get all the old games that you no longer play into a bundle, then take them to one of your local retail stores that buy in old games for cash, or see what you can get for them online.


A hobby that never took off


There are plenty of households where there are likely to be some unused sporting equipment or musical instruments lying around.


Most of us start out with good intentions and invest in all the gear, but for whatever reason, your attempts to play the guitar or go skiing again, just don’t get to happen.


There is no point staring at that electric guitar and amp, hoping that you might suddenly acquire “Hendrix” levels of ability, so if you have some old musical instruments or some sporting goods that are just gathering dust, you could quickly sell them for a reasonable amount of cash.


The usual sites like Ebay or Craigslist are not a bad way of listing your items, or you can find more specialist sites like Reverb.com, who might make you a decent offer for your unwanted guitar.


If all else fails, you could also try looking behind the couch cushions or checking all of your coat pockets as well as any purses or backpacks that you haven’t used for a while, it just might turn up trumps with some cash you had forgotten about.


Louise O’Donnell writes about personal finance matters; making more money, saving more of it and other useful topics for the frugally fit, and those trying to be.