4 Tips to Create Work-Life Balance for Working Parents

Work-life balance for working parents can seem almost non-existent, but we promise it's not a joke. Achieve happiness with these four tips.Any working parent can tell you that finding a good work-life balance is almost a seemingly impossible task. There always seems to be something occupying your time.

And if you do get a little precious me-time, you find yourself ridden with guilt for not doing something more productive.

I don’t always feel that I get everything done, but I do feel like I’ve achieved a pretty good sense of work-life balance.

Here are my four best tips for creating a work-life balance for your life.

1. Schedule Your Life

By far, one of the most important things in my life for obtaining a work-life balance has been maintaining a shared Google calendar with my spouse.

Making my partner an active participant in the day to day care and needs for our house and growing family has helped me feel like not everything automatically defaults to me, simply because I’m the mom.

Having a shared calendar allows my husband and I to keep track of our work schedules, to schedule boy’s trips, girl’s nights, and family time.

Everything goes on the calendar and it really helps us keep track of what’s going on in our lives. It also allows me to schedule time for myself when I know that my husband can watch the baby for an hour.

2. Lower Your Expectations

My life pre-baby is a lot different than my life post-baby. I used to have high expectations for my workouts, what my house looked like, my career, my social life…

After having a baby, I simply don’t have the time or energy to devote to much except day to day survival. I used to shower every day, and now I’m happy when I get to shower every other day. Dry shampoo for the win.

I used to pick up my house every night before heading to bed. These days, that precious hour after the baby goes to bed is often spent just sitting on the couch letting my mind take a break with TV or making sure I’m meeting a work deadline.

Lowering my expectations has let me not get disappointed with the state of my life.

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3. Readjust Your Goals

My goal used to be to work out 3-5x a week. These days, I have a daily goal of getting 2 things done a day for the betterment of myself and my family.

Sometimes those two things are drying my hair and folding laundry. Other times, it’s taking a walk and buying groceries. The days of working out whenever I wanted are gone, so it’s time to readjust my goals to fit this new season in my life.

4. Outsource What You Can

These days, the majority of our shopping is done on Amazon. We even do our grocery shopping through Prime Now. We have a house cleaner, a gardener, and a laundry service.

These things help us outsource the tasks we don’t have time to do, help us maintain a sense of cleanliness, and gives us more time to do things as a family. We have found these services invaluable for helping us maintain a work-life balance.

Are you a working parent? What work-life balance tips can you share? Have you tried any of the above?