8 Things You Should Buy on Black Friday

If you’re a die-hard Black Friday shopper, there’s no question you’ll want your time to be worth it. Check out these items for the best Black Friday deals.With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, another time-honored, American tradition is on the brink as well: Black Friday.

It’s that wonderful time of year when bargain hunters and Christmas shoppers venture out into the cold in search of fantastic deals.

Black Friday tends to seem like every deal-lovers’ dream with stores across the nation, both in-store and online, offering deals and discounts that seem too good to be true.

Unfortunately, in some instances, that’s exactly the case.

In fact, some people end up spending more than they intended and not saving much at all. This is due to the fact that they are enticed to buy more because of great savings and because the savings aren’t that great at all.

So how do you know when you’re getting a genuinely good deal and when you’d be better off passing an item by?

Here are 8 things you should purchase on Black Friday:

1. TVs

When most people think of Black Friday shopping, TVs are the first thing to come to mind, and rightfully so. TVs tend to see major discounts that can often save you anywhere from $300 to even more.

Try anywhere from Best Buy to Costco to Walmart for great TV discounts. Of course, a good thing to remember is that you may not find the best-of-the-best on sale, but usually the models that are a step down in quality. Doing your research beforehand can help.

2. Large Appliances

Whether you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, laundry unit, or vacuum, Black Friday is an ideal time to make your purchase.

November, especially during Black Friday, has proven to be the period with the most deals on all of your favorite (and expensive) appliances. Try looking at the deals offered at places like Sears and Home Depot.

3. Kitchen Appliances

If you have a need for a new coffee maker, blender, or toaster, now is the time to purchase those as well. Although these aren’t the “biggest ticket” items, like other Black Friday offerings, small appliances tend to drop steeply in price during this time.

Think of every brand from Keurig coffee makers to Ninja Blenders – everything you need in your kitchen at a fraction of its normal price.

4. Apple Products

Don’t expect to get the iPhone 7 or a brand new Macbook on sale, as new products don’t often receive discounts. However, if you’re okay with an older model, a generation behind isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you’re saving big on otherwise pricey inventory.

If you want to get big discounts on Apple products, stay away from Apple Stores and head to places like Best Buy and Target instead. They usually have the ability to price lower than the company’s actual store, and if not, they’ll offer gift cards instead.

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5. Laptops

Along with TVs, laptops tend to be the other traditional Black Friday buy. Thankfully, in the case of laptops, Black Friday is the prime time to purchase a new computer system.

You can usually find new laptops listed a couple hundred dollars less than normal. Of course, if you’re okay with a slightly older model, you’ll find major discounts there. Try browsing Best Buy and Amazon for tons of deals and great prices.

6. Tablets & E-Readers

E-readers and tablets can make great Christmas gifts and often start much cheaper than laptops. Of course, if you’re buying for a group of people, the price can still seem a little hefty. Thankfully, Black Friday is the opportune moment to snatch one of these up.

Like with Apple products and TVs, you won’t be able to get this year’s model on sale;  you’ll likely have to look to last year’s model.

Electronic companies are constantly coming out with new models though, and the differences between year-to-year models are often small. That being said, you’ll be able to snag previous versions of tablets and e-readers for a couple hundred dollars less.

7. Cameras

Cameras can be a prime item to purchase come Black Friday. Not only will you likely find the camera itself on sale, but you’ll most likely be able to purchase a package deal for half the cost as well. If you love hunting, you can find the best game camera on Amazon with a huge deal as well.

Many cameras require extra lenses, SD cards, straps, bags and many other accessories. Of course, by the time you add it all up, a nice camera isn’t a cheap purchase.

Come Black Friday, however, you can usually find a bundle package of everything you’ll need to get started for a discounted price like for example these best plasma cutter i saw the other day. If you’re looking for a simpler camera, you’ll be able to find those on sale for great prices as well.

8. Video Game Consoles & Games

In our digital era, video games and consoles are the ultimate Christmas gift for kids. Unfortunately, new systems and games can get very expensive, not to mention the accessories you’ll most likely need to buy as well.

Unlike other electronics, you’ll be able to upgrade to the best of the best for a reduced price. Furthermore, like cameras, some of the best deals you can find are often bundles that include everything you need (console, controller, games, headsets, etc.).

Black Friday is an ideal time to pick up a few video games, too. You might be able to find new releases $10-$20 off, and you’ll be able to purchase a variety of other titles for a great price. Try Target, Walmart and Amazon for some great Black Friday deals on your favorite systems and games.

If you’re a die-hard Black Friday shopper (someone who gets up at the crack of dawn to stand in line in the freezing cold), there’s no question you’ll want to make your time worth it. So many deals seem great, until you look closely and realize you’re not getting that amazing of a discount in the first place.

With the bombardment of advertisements promoting deals of all kind, it can be difficult to know what bargains to take. However, if you stick to some of these categories and items, you’ll usually find yourself saving big on otherwise pricey gifts and goods.

Do you Black Friday shop every year? What are some of your go-to items to buy?