3 Ways to Turn Your Closet into Cash

Sick of having a cluttered closet? You can always sell your clothes for some quick cash. Here are three options you have when going about it.Do you need to figure out a way to make money fast?

The number one way a lot of people turn to making money fast is by selling their stuff.

It’s pretty easy to sell big items online through sites like Craigslist, but you probably also have a lot of money invested in items that are going unused in your closet.

How many dresses do you have that you bought for when you lost those “last 10 pounds”? What about the designer jeans you’ve been keeping just in case they ever come back in style? Or for when you lose the baby weight?

It’s time to let go of the clothes that is taking up space in your closet, and it’s time to make money fast by turning your closet into cash.

1. Consignment

Do a quick internet search for consignment stores in your area. This is by far one of the best ways to get the most money for your clothes. A consignment store will take your gently used, or never worn clothing, and try to sell it to their own customers. You get to keep anywhere between 25-75% of the proceeds, depending on the store.

Pro: Get the most bang for your buck!

Con: Consignment stores want quality items, and they may not take all your stuff. And if your stuff doesn’t sell, you don’t get anything and have to come back to pick up your stuff.

2. Sell Locally

If the consignment stores won’t take all your clothing, try lower-end thrift shops, like Buffalo Exchange and CrossRoads Trading Co. They buy the clothes right off the bat, and there is no consignment period. However, you get a much lower percentage of the proceeds.

Pro: More likely to take clothing than consignment stores.

Con: Reap lower percentage of proceeds.

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3. Sell Online

Selling your clothes online is a another good way to get rid of your clothes and line your pockets with some much needed dough.

Sites like ThredUp will let you just send in all your clothing in a bag and they will do the work for you of taking photos and posting online. The bad part is you most likely won’t get a lot of cash, so always leave this as a last option if you really want to try and reap more cash.

Pro: Sell quickly and clean out your closets.

Con: Won’t get much money.

Bonus: Your Final Option

If you’re unable to unload your clothing through any of these options, then your best bet is taking it to a local shelter and taking the tax write-off. It’s always pretty hard to sell clothes at a garage sale or online sites, like Craigslist and local Facebook groups.

Garage sales will usually only net you a couple of cents on the dollar–it’s usually a much better bet, and much less time-consuming and aggravating, to take the donation as a tax write-off.

Have you ever decluttered your closet to make extra cash? Where did you have the most success with it?