Working Moms and Work-Life Balance: 5 Expenses that are Worth it 

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All working parents struggle with maintaining work-life balance. These 5 practical splurges can help you stress less and enjoy parenthood more.Back when I was working hard to pay off $40k+ of debt, I had very little in the way of extravagances.

Back then, going to Starbucks once a month was considered a splurge.

But our hard work and commitment to paying off our debt literally paid off, and we were able to pay off $45k of debt in 45 months.

These days, as a working mom, I find that I’m much more committed to creating a manageable work-life balance that I’m happy with but sometimes managing stressful conditions while working can be difficult.

And sometimes, creating a work-life balance requires spending a little extra money.

These are five expenses that are totally worth it as a working mom in order to have a better work-life balance.

1. Amazon Prime

I don’t think I could live without Amazon Prime. The hefty $100 price tag always makes me cringe, but I use Amazon Prime weekly.

I take advantage of Amazon Family to get an extra 20% off diapers. I use subscribe and save so I never have to remember about buying household staples like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

I also use Prime Now, a free app that will deliver local groceries to me in two hours! This is by far one of the best features of Amazon Prime.

And now? Amazon prime offers free delivery of local restaurant food! Amazon Prime is like the mother’s helper you always wanted.

2. Cleaning Service

If I didn’t have a cleaning service come every two weeks, I don’t think our house would ever get cleaned.

I seriously love the days the service comes because I get to see my house spotless for all of about thirty seconds before my son starts throwing his toys around. But those thirty seconds? Pure bliss, I tell you.

3. Mother’s Helper

On top of the cleaning service, I completely took advantage of a mother’s helper while I was swamped at work for a few months.

She would come bi-weekly to do the laundry, change bed sheets, run errands, and any other odd job I needed done. It was seriously wonderful.

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4. Gardener

I love having a beautifully landscaped garden, but I do not love the upkeep and maintenance of it, especially when you have a rather large yard by southern California standards.

Having a gardener helps me realize that nothing is falling through the cracks!

5. Gym with Childcare

As a working mom, I rarely have time for myself. And I often feel guilty leaving my child while I workout, but I understand the importance of taking some time – even if it’s only twice a week – to decompress by working out.

I always feel better afterward, and it helps me be a better mom. Joining a group like Stroller Strides has totally helped me ease the guilt of working out by having my little guy come along.

Never feel guilty about making sure Mom is taken care of, too.

What are some practical expenses that help working moms have a better work-life balance?