10 White Elephant Gifts Under $25

Does your office or family require everyone to get white elephant gifts? Here are some quick and easy ideas everyone will enjoy that are under $25.Everybody hates the white elephant gift exchange, and yet every year, you’re inevitably invited to a party where you’re required to give a white elephant gift.

It’s better to just go ahead and partake rather than be a scrooge and complain about having to buy something.

Here are 10 ideas for a white elephant gift for under $25 that will leave everyone fighting to keep your gift.

1. First Aid Kit:

Who can’t use a first aid kit? Useful and practical and saving the bank at under $20, it’s the perfect white elephant gift.

2. Bitch Wine:

Everybody loves alcohol. Get your point across to that certain someone in your life, like your boss, with Bitch wine.

3. Political Toilet Paper:

With the election finally behind us, it’s the best year to offer political toilet paper to your favorite political junkie. Give that Trump supporter some Hillary toilet paper or offer up some Trump toilet paper to that Clinton fan in your life.

4. Cards Against Humanity:

Every year, my large extended family enjoys playing this on Christmas night while eating dessert. Try saying inappropriate profanity-filled phrases with your great grandmother around the dinner table and make Jesus proud.

5. Starbucks Gift Card:

This is the most boring gift ever, but also one of the most popular. If you’re in a serious time crunch, you can always pick up a Starbucks gift card that is guaranteed to make about 90% of the party people in attendance excited.

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6. Selfie Stick:

Submit to the egos of the social media obsessed by gifting a selfie stick.

7. Contigo Travel Mug:

Help the coffee or tea addicts in your life survive with this highly-rated Contigo travel mug.

8. Portable Speaker:

Who wouldn’t love a portable speaker to lug around for all their outdoor gatherings? Take the music with you wherever you go with this $15 portable speaker.

9. Secret Compartment Water Bottle:

Everybody loves the idea of a water bottle with a secret compartment. Keep it in your car with some emergency cash. The possibilities are endless with a secret stash water bottle.

10. Swiss Army Knife:

A Swiss army knife is one of those things that always comes in handy, but nobody ever thinks to purchase one. So a white elephant gift exchange is the perfect time to get one.

Whatever you decide, remember that ultimately the point of the gift exchange is to find joy in the giving. Giving someone a small token to bring some joy in someone’s life.

What are some popular white elephant gifts that are less expensive?