6 Affordable Last-Minute Gifts for Teens

Teenagers can be hard to shop for around the holidays, but you won't go wrong with these 6 affordable last-minute gifts for teens. Every teen can use them!While finding the right affordable holiday gift for children can seem easy since there is so much to choose from, finding an ideal gift for your teen that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can seem much more difficult.

While I still have a young child, I have two teen sisters, and sometimes I feel bad for my parents because they often tend to want/need more expensive items throughout the year, especially around the holidays.

It’s not uncommon to see teens receiving new game systems, hover boards, or even a car for Christmas.

While these gifts sound nice, not everyone can afford them depending on what your holiday budget is.

On the bright side, I’ve rounded up some affordable last-minute holiday gifts you can get your teens this year even if you’re running behind on shopping.

1. Headphones

sony-headphonesIf your teen listens to quite a bit of music throughout the week, they can never have enough pairs of headphones on hand.

You don’t have to get wireless name brand Bluetooth headphones to make an impression, but you can splurge a bit by purchasing these Sony Extra Bass headphones for $27 on Amazon.

2. Cosmetics Kit

makeup-paletteIf your teen likes makeup, you can choose from a variety of quality makeup palettes to purchase as a holiday gift. It seems like contouring is the new ‘big thing’ when it comes to makeup.

This year I’m doing a holiday gift exchange with my family, and when my sister asked for a contouring makeup kit, I thought I was going to be spending a fortune. However, I found a nice beginner contouring kit at Target for under $10.

You don’t have to get expensive name brand kits if you can’t afford it. You can find makeup kits at any store like Walmart, Kohls, Ulta Beauty, or even Walgreens. See if there are any holiday promotions you can take advantage of to save money.

3. Car Accessories

seat-cushion-1099616_1920If your son or daughter is driving and has their own car, you could pick up some car accessories so they can customize the interior of their vehicle.

You can get seat or steering wheel covers, mats, license plate holders, and more at your local auto store.

When I got my first car, I didn’t go all out with decorating it with accessories, but I did get a Hello Kitty steering wheel cover that I loved and it meant a lot to me.

Teens never forget their first car a gift like this could be very memorable.

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4. Retail Gift Card

gift-cardFor anyone who loves to shop, something as simple as a retail gift card could do the trick.

If your child needs new clothes or shoes and can be picky at times, providing them with a gift card to their favorite store allows them the freedom to pick up items they want or need and stick within your budget since you can decide how much to load onto the gift card.

There are tons of retail sales the day after Christmas and it’s commonly known as the ‘White Sale’.

5. Movie or Video Game

mortal_kombat_x_cover_artEveryone loves to watch a good movie and for those who favor video games you can purchase your teen a new game instead. Some video games are pricey ($60 per game), but there are a lot of holiday sales going on right now.

Plus, you can find used and refurbished games at more affordable prices online or at stores like Game Stop.

Newly released and older movies are all on sale for the holidays as well. I ordered 4 movies from Best Buy during a sale and spent around $28. It was nice because the movies included a Blue-Ray disc, a regular DVD version, and a code to download a digital version of the money online. Not a bad deal.

6. Custom Phone Case

samsung_galaxyI’d say about 99.9% of all teens have a cell phone. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a custom phone case they will love for the holidays. This could be a great stocking stuffer too.

You can design a custom phone case online on sites like SkinIt and MyCustomCase.

If you are doing any traveling or visiting any touristy areas, see if you can find a souvenir phone case at a gift shop. When I went to Jamaica earlier this year I was stumped on what to get one of my sisters. I knew she always held onto her phone for dear life, so I figured I’d get her a really cool phone case that had the Jamaican flag on it. She loved it!

If you’re still shopping for the holidays and you’re stumped on what to get your teen, consider any of these affordable gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

What are some gift ideas you think your teens will love this year?