8 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Ring

There’s no need to go broke trying to find the wedding ring that’s perfect for you. You can find a quality wedding ring while sticking to your budget.When you get engaged, one of the biggest decisions is the ring.

Most girls dream about the perfect 2-carat, princess cut diamond wedding ring with the platinum band, and when their friends get engaged, it’s often the first thing they want to see or talk about.

Unfortunately, unless you or your fiancée are extremely well-off, you can’t always get your dream wedding ring or your perfect pick.

At the end of the day a ring is a huge investment and one that usually costs quite a bit. Although these are rings you’ll likely have for the rest of your life, there’s no need to go broke or into debt when trying to find the ring that’s perfect for you.

You can still find a quality and lovely wedding ring while sticking to your budget. Here are eight ways to save on your ring.

1. Don’t Go to the First Jeweler You Think Of

When you think of jewelers you probably think of big names first, such as Kay, Tiffany’s, Zales, etc. While there’s nothing wrong with shopping at one of these established names, you’ll find that they won’t save you money.

It’s easy to want to go with one of these companies because you know they’re reputable, however, you’ll quickly see that their prices are sky high. Sometimes, you’ll pay up to double the price as you would at a local jeweler.

That being said, you might want to consider shopping locally or at a less-known name. As long as you do proper research and shop around before purchasing, you should still receive a quality wedding ring.

Another great option is to shop vintage. Not only will you reduce costs on labor alone, but you can find a truly remarkable and unique ring without the typical retail store markup.

If you are still unsure and need some real insights and tips on choosing your diamond ring, consider using the guide on this useful site here! It will help you save a tidy sum of money!

2. Go With a Different Color

The color of a diamond gets graded on a scale from D to Z, with D being the most pristine and colorless and Z being slightly yellow in color.

If you’re open to choosing a diamond graded below F, you’ll still find a nearly colorless (or even one that’s color is unnoticeable to the eye) diamond that’ll cost you a lot less than one graded above.

3. Compromise on Clarity

Another easy way to save money is to compromise on the clarity of your diamond. Imperfections in the stone, or inclusions, can alter the price of your ring significantly.

Diamonds are usually classified as having a VS1-VS2 or SI1-SI2 clarity. Those classified as VS diamonds are going to be much pricier.

For the most part, unless the diamond is extremely low quality, you won’t be able to see inclusions with a naked eye, so instead of splurging for the VS diamond, go with an SI instead; it’ll be just as beautiful and you still won’t be able to see anything. Of course, always ensure that any inclusions don’t damage the diamond’s structural integrity.

4. Compromise on Carat

One last flaw you can save money on is size. Why pay the price for a full carat when you can purchase a diamond that’s a tad less for so much cheaper?

Instead of a full carat, consider purchasing a diamond at .95 or .85 a carat. The two are so similar in size to a full carat diamond that no one, except maybe a jeweler with the eye for it, will ever know the difference.

Among the flaws to compromise, just remember to never go for a lesser quality cut. You may not notice the difference at first, but overtime you’ll have a diamond that barely shines.

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5. Choose Something Other than a Diamond

I’m not sure who created the rule that your wedding ring has to be a diamond, because honestly, you can make the main stone anything you want. There’s an array of beautiful gemstones out there that would look equally, if not more beautiful, than a diamond.

If your fiancée or you yourself are willing to be open-minded, look into other options such as aquamarines (which can be so light they look like diamonds) or sapphires. These precious gemstones would still make for a stunning ring.

If your significant other really has their heart set on the look of a diamond, consider using white topaz in its place. It looks classic and exactly like a diamond, but comes at a much better price. You can always upgrade later if you choose.

6. Go with More than One Stone

It may seem odd, but going with more little diamonds as opposed to one large one is going to save you money. Halo and cluster rings can look bigger, more dazzling, and more expensive, but are often much cheaper.

If you’re on a budget, don’t be afraid to get a ring with lots of small diamonds instead; you may be surprised by how much more beautiful the ring even looks! Or you could choose to get a ring with a large precious gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds for an even more unique look.

7. Think Outside the Box on the Band

Oddly enough, if you get creative with your band in terms of its metal work, you’ll find that you can cut costs. If you find or design a ring with intricate metal work that often has cutouts throughout the band, you’d be surprised at how much you can save.

Apart from just staying on budget, intricate metallurgy can really add to the beauty of the ring and even make the main stone appear larger.

8. Spend What’s Right for You

Forget the three-month salary rule and ignore the size of the ring your best friend just got. At the end of the day, you have to decide what’s right for you to spend. It’s not a competition and more likely than not, your future spouse will be happy with whatever you choose.

Getting engaged shouldn’t be a stressful event and purchasing the ring doesn’t have to break the bank. There are lots of ways to reduce the cost of your fiancée’s wedding ring while still ensuring you purchase something truly lovely. In the end, it’s all about celebrating your love anyway, right?

What’s some of the best advice you’ve found when shopping for budget friendly wedding rings?