10 Spring Break Ideas that Don’t Involve Travel

You don’t have to travel to a far-off place to have a fabulous spring break. There are a lot of activities that can make a staycation just as relaxing.As February comes to a close, many students anxiously wait for the beloved week off of school. AKA – spring break.

For many students, spring break usually entails a week-long getaway either hitting the slopes or jetting off to lay on the beach somewhere.

Unfortunately, as fun and exciting as these destinations might be, they also tend to lean towards the pricey side, and that’s considering accommodations and travel alone.

That being said, hitting the mountains or the beach doesn’t always line up with one’s budget, which means spring break for you might mean a staycation. Just because you’re staying home though, doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun and relaxing spring break.

Try a few of these spring break ideas that don’t include travel, but are sure to offer up a fantastic vacation.

1. Get Outside With

Thankfully, spring break usually falls around the time most places have begun to warm up. If that’s the case with your hometown, take advantage of the nice weather and the time off and get outside. There are tons of great ways to enjoy the outdoors during your break. Set up a day for a special picnic in the park or come up with great outdoor games like Frisbee, flag football, bocci ball, or whatever else you can imagine. Another great option is to go geocaching, which is a real-world treasure hunt. Whatever you chose, getting out in the fresh air can be a great way to spend your spring break vacation.

2. Treat Yourself

Spring break is all about indulging yourself for the week and breaking your normal routine. So, even if you can’t go somewhere else, still take advantage of that fact at home.

Use this opportunity to disconnect, sleep in and all around relax. Moreover, consider making meals a special treat as well. Sometimes exploring the local fare can be the best part of a trip, so whether you cook for yourself or order out, try to think outside the box of what you’d normally make. You may also want to enjoy breakfast in bed on your vacation as well.

3. Find a Local Concert or Play

If you have to stay home for spring break, you might consider finding some great local entertainment to enjoy. Search various venues and theaters in your town for upcoming events. You might find a great concert, play or comedy show to go to that you might otherwise not have to. Furthermore, since it’s spring break, you’ll be able to enjoy the night fully without worrying about going to work or school the next day.

4. Wine Taste or Go on a Brewery Tour

Many towns throughout the US have great local wineries or breweries. Search your town or in towns nearby to find great establishments you might not know about. It can be fun to go tasting and learn a little about the process of making the product. If there aren’t any local breweries or wineries around you, have a night out and try some local establishments you might not tried before.

5. Camp Locally

Depending on where you live, you’re bound to have a local campsite nearby, and if that’s not the case, your own backyard can be just as fun. Camping can feel like a vacation no matter where you’re at. Enjoy the outdoors, build a fire, roast s’mores, and tell stories around the fire. And when night hits, spend the evening looking at the stars.

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6. Get Creative

Thanks to the world of Pinterest, there are tons of wonderful and creative projects you could spend your spring break doing. Look online for various projects and crafts to fill up your day and release your inner creative side. Even if you’re not an artist, using the other side of your brain can be a great way to pass the time and possibly find a new hobby you really love.

7. Bring a Destination to You

Just because you can’t travel somewhere doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the destination. Think of a place you’d love to visit and then spend a day enjoying some of the things you might find in that spot.

For example, if a beach destination is on your mind, lay out in the sun, put on some appropriate, island music, and make tropical drinks and food. Or if Italy is your destination of choice, if so, host a dinner party and of course make the theme and all aspects of the party Italian-themed. You’ll feel like you’re actually there before you know it! Enjoy yourself at home and read about this country music news.

8. Have a Sa Day

The best part of spring break is getting to relax from your normal hustle and bustle. That being said, why not plan a spa day for yourself to really relax. Whether that means going to a spa to get nails done and a massage, or giving yourself an at-home facial, the point is to pamper yourself.

9. Take a Crack at Your To-Read List

If you’re anything like me, you likely have a whole stack of books, magazines, and articles that you’ve been dying to get to. Why not use this time off to start chipping away at that list? Take the time to disconnect, find your favorite spot and spend your day escaping into someone else’s stories. After all, a good book can often feel like a mini vacation in itself.

10. Make Movie Night Special

You could go out to a movie, but it can also be a lot of fun to create a special night at home. Build a movie fort, surround yourself with all sorts of goodies, and host a marathon. Moreover, depending on the weather, you could get a projector and host an outdoor movie night as well.

You don’t have to travel to a far-off destination to have a fabulous spring break. There’s an array of entertaining activities that can make a staycation just as relaxing and unforgettable.

What are some activities you’ve done when you have a staycation? What are some things you do to really make it feel like vacation?