5 TV Infomercial Products You Shouldn’t Buy

TV infomercial products are expensive. The return process is a hassle. And there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee or risk-free trial.In my recent adult years, I’ve become obsessed with infomercials. Every product that is featured seems like something I “have to have.” In short, TV infomercials were created for people like me: gullible suckers who believe everything they see on TV.

Normally, it’s my sound-minded husband who will say “No, we do not need that.” But every now and then I’ll purchase a product that I absolutely have to have and know it will change my life.

Sometimes, I’ve pleasantly surprised with my infomercial purchase. Like the time I bought an Instapot, also known as a pressure cooker.

My slow cooker had recently died after six years of regular use and four housing moves, so I was looking to replace it. When I found out the Instapot could be a pressure cooker and a slow cooker, I was sold. Truthfully, I’ve mostly used the Instapot as an expensive replacement for my slow cooker. I’ve made one pressure cooker recipe so far and I was less than impressed. But as a slow cooker, it’s worked great!

If you’re considering making an infomercial purchase, make sure you do your homework first. Here are five TV infomercial products I wouldn’t recommend purchasing, in some cases you may even need legal assistance in case of defective products, but you can find some of this kind of services online.

1. Wen

Did you buy into the hype of this miraculous hair product by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean? After building a cult following, these hair-care products have been plastered with a lawsuit claiming significant hair loss and damage.

I tried the product after hearing rave reviews from my mother, colleagues, and cousins, only to have Wen product completely different results for me. In fact, every time I used it, I would notice clumps of hair on my hands that would fall out while shampooing.

Buyer beware!

2. The Miracle Mop

I remember my mom buying one of the original Miracle Mops in the 1990s. It was a piece of junk. There wasn’t nearly enough oomph to the mop head to properly wipe the floor. It caused unsightly scratches on our kitchen floor.

Since the movie Joy came out, based on the Miracle Mop founder, new ‘improved’ versions of the mop have gone on sale. However, more than half of the nearly 3,000 reviews on the Home Shopping Network website give the mop a one-star rating.

3. Vacuums

Do not purchase a vacuum of any brand through a TV infomercial, ever. It is not worth it. With such a heavy product as a vacuum, you’ll pay an arm and a leg in shipping costs alone. Then if you are not impressed, it’s a pain to return it!

Buy your vacuum at your local home goods store or even better yet, Costco. They have an excellent return policy.

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4. Shake Weight

Do you really think a weight that vibrates will help tone your arms? Amazon has come under fire recently after it was discovered many companies pay others for posting good product reviews. When you dig into the comments on Amazon, it’s apparent the shake weight has fallen victim to this scheme.

5. Large Kitchen Gadgets

My parents ended up buying some kitchen gadget that diced and chopped potatoes in all different shapes and sizes. The gadget claimed it would take minutes to create a gourmet meal.

My parents have probably used this product once in the last 10 years since they purchased it. Instead, it takes up valuable kitchen storage space. A large kitchen gadget that isn’t needed for everyday food prep will simply collect dust, especially if it takes too long to assemble.

Bottom line: do yourself a favor and stay away from TV infomercials. The products are expensive so unless you have check your PPI or some other payment assurances, don´t go there . The return process is a hassle. And, there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee or risk-free trial.

Have you ever bought anything from a TV infomercial? How did it turn out?