Lifelong learning – How can it help you financially?

For the first 22 years of our lives (give or take a few), our sole job is to ‘learn’. Most of our time is spent in classrooms where there is no end to acquiring new knowledge and information on everything under the sun.

Soon after, as we graduate, we feel like the phase of education is done and now it’s time to set up our career and financial foundation.

Did you ever think how odd and irrelevant this idea is?

That you should spend only a quarter of the life learning and then rest on their laurels for the rest of the three-quarter of it?

This is actually a wrong notion which has been absorbed by too many people. If you had the notion that school is the only provider of knowledge, you’re wrong. Just because you’ve completed your formal education, doesn’t mean that your education is over.

One can learn through painting, traveling, reading and many other things. If you’re someone who wants to be better, you have to adopt a mindset of lifelong learning.

Read on why you should become a lifelong learner and what you can gain from being a learner throughout your life.

Go up in your career

Most of the students on postgraduate management courses are experienced professionals who left the job market momentarily to acquire more education and skills.

Learning other skills while continuing your work is another trick many successful people play. Learning a new language or simply learning to strategize your work can help you apply for a different position with higher perks and benefits.

Learn what others are doing and learn how to make it better, expanding your work area is another way of being recognized. The people who continuously learn have a better chance of career advancements.

You can continue earning throughout your life

50 or 60 years ago, you could complete all your education once you finished college and for the rest of your career, you needn’t have to study anything else. But with today’s job market conditions, you don’t have that luxury. Those skills which were cutting edge 5 years back are currently outdated and the jobs that you will perform in the next one or two decades aren’t still there. Unless you become an autodidact, it is difficult to cope with the present job market.

Not only can you earn more money throughout your life by becoming a lifelong learner, but autodidacticism can also open up several opportunities for self-employment. You can easily be able to start off with your own business.

Learning new skills can help you earn extra money in your spare time. A learner can’t be idle, even in his retirement. If you learn and apply your skills you’ll continue to earn even after you’re retired.

You’ll have a charismatic and interesting personality

People who have personally met Theodore Roosevelt were heavily impressed by his capability to start off an interesting conversation with anyone and on any imaginable subject.

If you have the ability speed-read and devour books like a hungry lion, you could soon have an interesting and charismatic personality like Pr. Roosevelt.

You can easily connect with anyone, from any walk of like and truly seem to be interesting to anyone you come across.

You can be both handy and independent

One thing you can be proud of is that if you can become a lifelong learner, you can constantly keep on tinkering and it will seem that you know a little bit of everything.

How to shoe a horse, how to hunt, how to grow grapes, how to make awesome pudding, everything will be at the tip of your fingers. If you have space, learning and growing some of your own food will go a long way financially.

But for that, you constantly need to hone your skills by reading books or watching videos, now that the internet has become a vital source of information.

You can keep your brain healthy through lifelong learning

Anyone who stops the process of learning will become old fast, no matter what your age is, 20 or 80! On the other hand, anyone who keeps learning will remain young, even if she is of 70 years age.

Education is more of an elixir which offers us a healthy body and also a healthy mind throughout our adolescence and adulthood. It was in fact seen that elderly people with more education performed better than folks with less education.

So, now that you know the multiple ways in which lifelong learning can help you in every field, especially in carrying on with earning money, never stop learning! Always be surrounded by books, knowledgeable people and also the internet.

About the author:
This post is written by SB, a father and husband who was born in India and living in united states since 2005. He writes about his frugal lifestyle and ideas to manage personal finance through his blog