No Gym Budget? Here’s What You Can Do For Free!

Student life is great but your budget does not always follow your needs and desires. In order to keep a balanced lifestyle exercise is very important, specialists recommend working out 30 minutes per day.

Luckily, this does not have to be in the gym. The gym can be expensive or just not part of your budget priorities. But, keeping healthy should always be. So, here are a few ways you can can stay healthy and #beachbodyready for almost free!

Cycle to Work

Cycling is a great workout and unlike other exercise it can be time efficient as well. You don’t have to stop everything you are doing to cycle, all you have to do is decide on a habit.

For example, cycling to work is a great way to exercise. This will also reduce your transportation costs and is time efficient. Now, you will say that bikes are expensive to buy. This is true, if you shop on Sell/Buy Facebook groups, you will find a lot of people selling their bikes second hand at a very cheap price.

Get a Stability Ball

The price range can vary for a stability ball, but for only a small amount of money, you can get a piece of equipment that let’s you do a lot of different things. Stability balls, as the name implies, work on your stability. Therefore, you should be aiming at improving your core strength. Core strength is the start to all good exercise sessions.

Look up some videos on YouTube on how to use them. There’s wide range of exercises which work on all parts of the body. The good thing is that they make your exercise session fun and less painful.

Don’t Skip Cardio

This might be stating the obvious, but running is widely underrated. Part of having a balanced lifestyles is also being mentally healthy. Going outside, taking some fresh air in, and seeing nature really helps with that.

Getting into the habit of running everyday can give your great results almost instantly both on your physical health and your mental health. It is free and can be a great way to meet people through joining running clubs in your city.

Skipping Rope

The price for a skipping rope varies again, but all of them will give you the same results. This is again a core strength exercise tool as you will be contracting your body to skip. This is a very effortless and fun way to stay fit. Compared to the yoga mat and the stability ball, a skipping rope takes no space when using it or storing it.

Yoga Mats

As previously mentioned, working on your core strength is a great start to getting fitter! Yoga mats vary in cost, but there are so many things you can do with them. Create a little space in your living room and and start doing some floor exercises. Floor exercise are great for beginners because you start by using your own weight rather than having to lift heavy and awkward to hold objects , instead you can start practicing yogaat home using a URBNFit Exercise Ball which is perfect for this.

The internet is full of free content about on subjects and Health & Fitness is definitely one of them. You can find an online fitness coach doing videos of people training and showing you how they obtained their desired results. So, do not hesitate to have a look on Youtube and Instagram. You’ll find the Fitness freaks and the simple girl/guy next door who, just like you, is trying to stay fit on a small budget.

Lastly, remember that exercise is a very personal thing. You need to understand your morphology and adapt your exercises to that. This also goes for your diet. If you planning on following our advice and are slowly putting together an image of you becoming the fit hottie that you’ve always wanted to be by doing all these home exercises, but you don’t have a home yet, visit You will find short and long term accommodation all over the world for students and young professionals.