Get Cash Back in Your Retirement Account with Evoshare

Instead of just getting cash back, EvoShare has you put it towards your financial future. It puts cash back into your retirement account or toward debt.Receiving cash back always sounds like an enticing proposition, and there is no shortage of websites and apps available to you to do so. (Think Paribus, Ebates, and Trim.)

Among the array of money hacks out there, cash back rebates seems like one in which you really have nothing to lose. After all, who doesn’t love getting extra cash for purchases you’ve made?

That being said it can be difficult to know what programs are best to use. One such program to consider is Quest IRA because they help anyone in need as soon as they need to.

What It Does

EvoShare is a browser extension that allows you to receive cash back for your online purchases. You can receive anywhere from 2 to 10 percent back.

When you shop with one of EvoShare’s retail partners, the button turns red to alert you to cash back options available to you. By simply clicking the extension, cash back rewards will automatically be applied.

Plus, EvoShare’s rewards can be combined with promo codes and additional credit card rewards as well. EvoShare partners with an array of business from Macy’s, to Kohl’s, to Best Buy, and Target, as well as with local restaurants and businesses.

One of the downsides to many rebate programs is that most of the time, any money you receive back just goes back into the stores through other purchases. That’s where EvoShare is unique.

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How EvoShare is Unique

Instead of just putting money back into your account, EvoShare instead has you build it towards your financial future and benefit. EvoShare has you link a student loan account, or a savings account. This way you can either begin working to pay off any debt you may have, or start putting away any money you receive towards things like a retirement fund or kids’ college funds.

You’re not only earning extra money as you spend, but benefitting yourself financially as well.

Furthermore, one of EvoShare’s features is its future earnings calculator. It allows you to get an idea of just how much you’ll earn through the extension.

You simply put in the average amount you spend each month on shopping, dining, travel, etc. Then, enter your age and use the slide bars to see your total amount after anywhere from 1 to 60 years. While they do base this calculation off of an average 5 percent cash back, it’s still a useful tool to determine how long it’ll take you to save to a certain amount or pay off your debt.

EvoShare can also be great if you’re a business owner. By partnering with EvoShare, you can give your customers more incentive to shop with you. This creates loyalty to your store.

How Much It Costs

To simply install and use EvoShare is completely free, and to simply use the account itself is free as well.

That being said, EvoShare does charge a fee of 2.5 percent on every cash back reward you receive. Still, that leaves you with 7.5 percent left to put towards your finances at no extra cost to you. You do have to link your credit card or bank account to your EvoShare profile, but they’ll never charge you anything.

Pros & Cons

Pro: Completely free and gives you the ability to earn cash back while you shop online.

Con: EvoShare does take out a percentage of what you earn.

Pro: Easy to use and install onto your browser.

Con: Doesn’t allow you stack rewards with other rebates, like Ebates.

Pro: You can stack rewards with store promos and credit card rewards.

Con: Even if a store is a partner, you can’t receive cash back when shopping in the actual brick and mortar store.

Pro: Put your earnings towards paying off debt and savings instead of spending it all.

Con: Limited selection of stores that provide cash back.

How It Stacks Up

There is no shortage of rebate sites and apps.


Sites like Ebates also offer you cash returns when you online shop. Instead of installing an app or extension, you simply go to their website, click the store you’d like to shop at, and then online shop as normal.

Once you make a purchase, your Ebates account will show you how much you got back. Ebates does have a slight advantage over EvoShare in that it can offer up to 25 percent back in some cases and partners with more big-name stores.

That being said, while it can provide more earnings and more store options, EvoShare wins in that if you don’t remember to go to the Ebates site and simply purchase something through the store’s website instead, you won’t receive any cash back.

Moreover, some of the stores affiliated with Ebates limit the categories of items that you can receive cash back on. So, while they may offer more stores, they still might not offer a lot more cash back opportunities if you have no need for a handbag or home services on Amazon.


Another great site to consider is TopCashBack. This site in particular might beat out both Ebates and EvoShare in that it partners with even more merchants, has an app, and gives you 100 percent of the earnings you receive back. And like Ebates, TopCashBack does provide coupon codes for you, which is not a feature EvoShare has.

All that being said, however, while those sites might offer you bigger earnings or more options in terms of shopping, you are still required to go to the specific site or app itself.

And as I mentioned earlier, with other sites, you might just end up spending that money on more purchases, where EvoShare wins out in my book for the fact that it stands to benefit you financially.

Who It’s Best For

If you’d like to do more than just earn money back to spend it, then EvoShare is the program for you. You might not necessarily get rich from EvoShare. But, you’ll still receive great earnings for simply shopping for things you were already going to purchase.

It’s easy, quick and will keep you from throwing extra income away. It helps you to put it towards better use instead. If it can serve to assist you in your financial goals, then EvoShare is definitely for you.