Harnessing the Power of YouTube Marketing

Social media is a profound marketing platform that is sometimes underutilized by financial advisors. If you are not leveraging these platforms, you are behind the curve and should probably check the king kong marketing review to get informed. Social media flips the standard marketing with the help of the experts from designcompaniesranked.com.

Why Social Media Works

First, we need to look at the facts. Research shows that Forty-two percent of United States adults use at least one social media platform. Seventy percent of surveyed individuals chose online customer reviews as their second choice for a most trusted source of credibility. Eighty-two-percent of businesses believe word of mouth is the most effective way to secure new customers. Ninety-two-percent of consumers trust word of mouth over any other type of advertising. These numbers are eye-opening.

American author, entrepreneur and marketer Seth Godin said this about social media marketing, “Turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople.” Social media encourages word of mouth advertising. This form of advertising is trusted above all else. That’s why it is so powerful. Your clients are on social media. Also Manny Zarate has been helping business owners worldwide in the most competitive industries with amazing results with his proven and effective SEO Services. You should be, too. Google AdWords Marketing is a growing industry that is helping other small or even bigger businesses thrive on this type of marketing. People are also looking all around the world for new marketing strategies, the best one available is this marketing agency London.

YouTube has over a billion users. These users, in turn, watch hundreds of millions of hours of content. This is a large audience that could be watching your compelling video content. YouTube is one of the cheapest online advertising mediums.
Unlocking the Power of YouTube

Creating content doesn’t have to break the bank. You can shoot videos with nothing more than a DSLR camera, small lapel microphone, and low budget video editing software. But don’t think you can just upload content and magically have an impressive following. Start by writing compelling descriptive copy that utilizes keywords that help search engine optimization. Then, embed these videos on your website where appropriate. You can also post videos to your other social media pages to help drive traffic.

YouTube is a wonderful platform to provide educational marketing and if you like offline marketing then I recommend to try out marketing with exhibit booth rentals. It can be hard to convey complex topics in a blog post or other text-based media. Post educational videos that your clients will find interesting and helpful. Topics might cover variable annuities, retirement planning or investing while in debt.

It is easy to think that giving away this information for free will actually decrease client conversion and retention. Why would someone want advice if they can find it for free online? This is actually incorrect. Many people use this information to establish credibility and trust. These two things are vital in the financial investment advisor industry. It opens people’s eyes to how much they actually need a financial adviser and why. And videos don’t have to all be about free educational content. You can find business ranging from home remodelers to investment advisers doing a great job of capitalizing on using YouTube as a way to not only inform but connect with clients.

Here are the FAQs

If you are new to social media marketing, it is common to have misgivings about posting this kind of information online for all to see. You’ve put a lot of work into these presentations and seminars. Here are some answers to those questions.?

  •       Won’t competitors also see my presentations and videos? In short, yes. But it doesn’t matter. The impact your free content has on potential and existing clients is what is important. You will establish authority and cause your competitors to be alarmed.
  •       Why would my clients need me if they can find everything for free online? There are always those individuals more interested in hacking it out themselves. But everyone else will use this content as a way to establish credibility. They will watch your videos to determine whether you know what you are talking about or not.
  •       How long should my videos be? It is important to remember that attention spans are decreasing. People are not likely to take the time to sit through a 45-minute video. People tend to search for answers to their burning questions. They will seek out the videos where they can receive those answers fairly quickly. Three to seven minutes seems to be the optimal length.
  •       What about legalities? Make sure your content adds value, educates, and doesn’t mislead and you will be fine. Also, avoid giving out investment advice or mentioning company or insurance carrier names.

Social media is a powerful way to attract clients. Use it wisely. It is a great way to establish trust, expertise, and credibility. It gets you company in front of many more potential clients that a website alone could do