6 Warning Signs Your Career is NOT a Good Fit for You

Unfortunately, people aren’t always aware that the career they chose isn’t for them. Here are six warning signs that your career is not a good fit for you.Every child grows up dreaming of all the lives they could someday lead. They envision astronauts, doctors, teachers, police officers, and rockstars, to name a few.

Of course, for many, those dreams eventually vanish as they lose interest or find new passions. As they grow into teenagers and adults, those same kids find a career path that they truly want to follow. Something that they’re passionate about, that makes them excited at the prospect of going to work one day.

You, no doubt, were one such child. If you were, maybe you were lucky enough to find yourself in your dream job. Sometimes, however, what you thought was going to be the perfect fit doesn’t always pan out.

Unfortunately, being human, people aren’t always aware of the fact that the career path they chose isn’t for them. Here are six warning signs that your career is not a good fit for you.

1. It Doesn’t Mesh Well With Your Lifestyle

Some jobs and careers simply demand more of your time than others. If you’re a surgeon, a CEO, travel writer, or run your own business, you might find that you not only have odd hours, but that you ultimately have to put in time after-hours to accomplish everything you need to.

On the other hand, there are some positions that might allow you to leave work at the door, that might give you set hours. If your job isn’t allowing you to do the things in life you truly want to do, like work out regularly or attend your kid’s extracurriculars, then you might want to consider a career change.

After all, while work takes up a large chunk of our lives, it’s not the only part, and making sure you have a career that allows you to enjoy the other parts that are important to you is imperative.

2. You Find Yourself Constantly Looking for Something New

While the odd curiosity over a new job is normal every now and then, spending hours a day perusing the job boards isn’t. Casually looking at a new company or job posting once in a blue moon doesn’t mean you’re unhappy in your position. If you’re like me, you simply can’t help yourself.

That being said, if you find yourself constantly looking for a new job when you’re supposed to be working or you keep asking others about their careers, it might be a sign your career isn’t right for you. Furthermore, if that something new is grad school, then you should seriously consider your path.

Although continuing your education can help you progress in your career in some cases, opting to go to school because you see it as a way out, should be a red flag.

3. You Really Hate Mondays

Mondays tend to be difficult for everyone. After all, walking up early will always be hard for some people. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t dread Mondays.

If the simple thought of going to work makes groan, has you constantly thinking about calling in sick, or gives you anxiety, your body and mind could be trying to tell you something.

Your body is trained to alert you when something isn’t quite right. If a task is particularly challenging, it’s usually a sign that you’re not fit for it. Dragging yourself out of bed just because you have to go to work is a surefire signal that you might want to look into another path.

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4. You Have No Room to Develop

The right career should give you plenty of room to develop and grow over the years. However, if you feel stagnant, like you’re unable to learn anything new, or know that there’s no where for you to move upward, you’re likely ready for a new position.

Once you’ve been in a role for so many years, you’re going to want new challenges. That’s what keeps your career exciting. If you’re unable to do so, it won’t be long before you’re simply bored.

5. Your Job Becomes Tedious

A rut in your job is a normal part of work. When we work every day for eight hours, most jobs will ultimately have tasks that feel mundane and routine after so long. Even so, apart from the mundane, many roles will provide you with invigorating goals and projects that stimulate your mind and make you excited to perform your job. They’ll cause you to think.

One tell-tale sign your career isn’t a fit is if you’ve merely stopped caring. If you’re job takes zero thought or energy, and you find yourself operating mechanically, then it’s time to find something that energizes you again.

6. Your Career Doesn’t Support Your Values

As an adult, you’ll figure out the things that truly matter to you, you’ll realize what you believe in and know where you stand on beliefs and issues. You’ll find your moral compass. We don’t always know where companies stand, or what a job might required of us. This is why many people find themselves in positions that don’t line up with their values.

That being said, your career should never make you feel uneasy or like you’re compromising your morals. You should also never have to do something that feels like it goes against your core. If your job makes you feel bad about yourself, embarrassed, or doesn’t allow you to live out your values, then you’re next step should be finding one that does.

No job is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who get up everyday excited to go work. You’ll have good days and bad days no matter your career, however, your career shouldn’t make you miserable.

Even if it seems impossible, it’s never too late to alter your path. Be aware of the signs, decide whether or not your job is right for you. If it’s not, go out and discover one that truly adds to your life.

How did you know your career wasn’t right for you? How did you go about finding a new one?