8 Ways to Use Social Media to Save Money

You can use social media for more than keeping up with friends and family. If you do it right, you can even use social media to save money! Here are a few easy ways to use social media to save money.Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn; there’s no shortage of social media sites that populate our world and phones connecting us all with friends, family, colleagues, and those we might not even know yet.

The initial idea behind social media was to help you stay in contact with loved ones and friends that you might not see every day. Nowadays, however, social media platforms exist for so much more.

Whether you want to shop, review your favorite places, track your water consumption, or even manage your money, chances are there’s an app for it. More than just managing your money, however, social media can also play a role in helping you save money as well.

The next time you’re exploring the Internet, consider utilizing these eight ways you can use social media to save money.

1. Follow Other Thrifty Consumers

One of the best aspects of the world wide web is the ability to find like-minded individuals like yourself no matter where you are. That being said, if you’re looking for great deals and coupons, you can bet other people are too.

Take advantage of blogs and Facebook pages by following coupon and deal bloggers like The Krazy Coupon Lady, Bargain Briana, and Coupon Divas. Coupon bloggers will share an array of coupons and deals for a variety of stores and brands that you can put to use in your own shopping.

2. Connect to Your Favorite Stores & Places

An easy and quick way to find savings for your favorite stores and restaurants is by simply connecting with them. Like them on Facebook, sign up for their emails, or follow them on Twitter, by doing so, many places will send you immediate deals.

Moreover, many business owners and retailers have a tendency to post savings on their social media sites before anywhere else and will often add exclusives to those that are connected to them via social media.

3. Download the App

As I said, if a store or idea exists, there’s likely an app for it available on your devices. Download the apps for some of the stores you frequent most, again, you’ll be privy to deals and get instant notifications of sales and coupons.

Apart from just downloading the apps of retailers, you’ll also find an abundance of apps all with the purpose of providing you with coupons, rebates, and package deals to help you save.

Consider using apps like Paribus, Ebates, or Trim to save or get money back on items you purchase regularly.

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4. Utilize the Marketplaces

One of Facebook’s newest features is it’s Marketplace. Not only does it provide you with a great and free alternative for selling your own stuff, but can also help you find great deals on items you need yourself.

Next time you need an electronic, furniture, or a household appliance, an item that would otherwise set you back quite a bit, consider browsing the Facebook Marketplace for a less expensive option.

By doing so, a need that could have put you in to debt, can cost you a fraction of the cost.

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5. Find Ways to DIY

When it comes to DIY, Pinterest has become the go-to resource for many. While there’s no doubt some tasks and projects best left to the professionals, there’s a variety of tasks you can save money on by doing yourself.

Whether you need decor, have home projects, or are even looking for a diversity of life hacks that can help save you money, Pinterest has myriad posts and links on every topic and how-to you can think of. Before going out and spending money or hiring a job done, consider browsing the Pinterest database to save money and DIY.

6. Recommend Others

More often than not, when you sign up to receive a company’s emails or connect with them on social media, you’ll often receive an email or message asking that you recommend friends and family to do the same. And if you do so successfully or get them to do the same, most companies will provide you with exclusive discounts and savings in exchange for helping them build their database.

So, if you have friends and family that won’t mind, be sure to send them recommends.

7. Use Hashtags

Many who utilize social media use it to post not just on their lives, but show off fun and interesting items they’ve purchased. What some might not realize is that you can use that to your advantage money-wise.

Next time you make a new purchase post about it on Twitter or Instagram and use hashtags to tag the store it’s from. In many cases, those same stores will send or post to you coupons for recognizing them and bringing attention to them via your own profile.

8. Pay Attention to Reviews

While this is likely something you already do, if you don’t however, using the Internet and social media for reviews is one of the easiest ways to save money and ensure you get your money’s worth. If you’re on the market for a large purchase, or any purchase for that matter, utilize the hundreds to thousands of reviews available to you before pulling the trigger.

You’ll receive helpful feedback to ensure you’re making the best possible purchase and, in some cases, find information as to where to buy something for less.

Social media has quickly morphed from simply the way to connect with one another via the Internet to an abundance of platforms to not only connect, but make life all-around easier. You can find workouts, travel helpers, retailers, money advisers, and life organizers just to name a few, that are all created to help ease your everyday.

The social media available to you can help you in more ways than you might realize. So, if you’re hoping to find ways to save money, be sure to explore the social media platforms you use everyday for great avenues to savings, deals, and discounts galore.

What have you found to be the best social media platforms for discounts and coupons? What are some helpful bloggers you follow to find deals?