Everything Finance Monthly Roundup – The “Never Give Up” Edition

This past weekend was a weekend of international news as the two American hikers who had been held in Iran accused of crossing into Iran illegally while on a hike were finally freed after two years in prison there.  Also, the Saudi Arabian government announced that women will finally be given the right to vote in 2015.

Around the web, here are my favorite reads this week:

20’s Finance offers 5 Ways to Cut Costs: Week 8.  There are 5 good tips here; look through all 8 weeks and you will find over 40 tips for ways to cut costs from not owning a pet to searching online for free shipping and discount codes.

-Are you looking for a way to make a little money on the side?  If so, check out 25 Ways to Make Extra Money and Side Hustle Round up at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.  She was “inspired by this CNNMoney Side Hustle Series to discuss ways folks are adding to their income”.

-If you have kids, or even if you don’t but plan to some day, you’ll appreciate Money Reason’s, Shaping the Behavior of Your Kids by Being an Example.   He states, “One of the things I recently discovered is that my son (and to a lesser extent my daughter), learn by watching and emulating what I do and the way I speak to them.”

Robert at My Multiple Incomes states, “If you’re like me, your mind is continually racing with different ideas – whether it is a new product, a new post topic, maybe even a whole new business idea!”  If that sounds like you, check out his solutions for his lack of sleep thanks to all of his projects at Can’t Sleep?  Mind Racing with Ideas?  Take My Advice.

101 Centavos offers a great tip, both for business and personal life in “Career Tip Number 11: Words Are Important.”  He states, “I’ve found it necessary, more and more, to stop and think about what I’m saying and writing.”  A lesson many of us could learn.

-The couple behind The 60K Project recently paid off $60,000 in debt.  Kudos!  Still, she writes, “Even before we made our final $60K Project debt payment, I noticed myself pre-spending in my head the extra money we would soon have.”  Read her cautions at After Debt: Spending Pitfalls.

The Debt Myth share an excellent guest post from the Happy Homemaker, someone who “shredded credit card statements without reading them,  made minimum payments on thousands of dollars of debt, and  continued to charge my way into oblivion,” yet was able to go From $14,000 in Debt to 0 in One Year.

-For all of you animal lovers out there, Prairie Eco Thrifter offers a caution about the expenses in staff writer Marie’s post,  My “Free” Kitten Cost Us Over $9,000.

MoneyGreenLife explains the rules and limitations of an IRA in  Basic Truths of a Traditional IRA .

– At the Ultimate Juggle Jester shares his saga of  Juggling Laptops with the New Return Policy at Best Buy.

Invest with Passion shares his thoughts on the Netflix debacle in Netflix 1 Million where he writes, “The Netflix 1 million subscriber adjustment was announced on Thursday, but you need the history of this announcement before we can start to add our opinions to the matter.”

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Happy reading!