6 Reasons to Get a House Sitter While You’re Away

Next time you prepare for vacation, invest in your home by hiring a house sitter. You'll be glad you did for these six reasons.

When preparing for a vacation, you likely have a large list of to-dos before the time comes to actually leave.

You might have work to wrap up, a list of supplies to purchase, and a packing list. Depending on how long you’ll be gone, you may also have a list of home-related duties to complete, like holding your mail for two weeks.

If hiring a host sitter isn’t on that list, however, it’s time to amend it.

You might be thinking that with the cost of a vacation is high enough without adding on the extra cost of a house sitter. Even so, while a house sitter will cause you a little extra, the benefits of having one far outweigh the cost. Here are six ways a house sitter will provide you with peace of mind and possibly save you money.

1. Avoid an Insurance Issue

If you own a home, you’re no doubt insured. Like many individuals, knowing what exactly your insurance policy stipulates isn’t always common knowledge. After all, your insurance policy isn’t exactly light or easy reading.

That being said, you might not be aware of one small insurance stipulation where after a certain period of time, if your home is unoccupied, it won’t be covered by insurance. While the time period does tend to be significant, say around 30 days, in case your policy is shorter than that, a house sitter can ensure you’re always protected.

2. Prevent Costly Disasters

Under most circumstances your home will be perfectly fine while you’re away. Unfortunately, however, life happens and sometimes even the most unexpected can occur.

A pipe might burst and proceed to fill your basement or home with water. A power outage may take place, a fire may start nearby, or a heavy storm might bring hail or a tree down on your roof then you will need to hire the https://primeroofingfl.com/locations/st-augustine-fl/ team. All matters that if not taken care of immediately could lead to extremely costly repairs when you return home.

A house sitter’s sole job is to watch your home to prevent said disasters. If they can’t prevent them, they can at least address them before they become dire issues. Either way, hiring a house sitter could save you money in the end.

3. Save You the Hassle of Suspensions

Getting home from any vacation is always a bit of a let down. Not only do you have to unpack and prepare for the coming days, but the idea of going back to normal life has a tendency to fill most people with dread.

All that being the case, the last thing you want to come home to is a pile of mail bursting out of your mailbox, full trash cans, or twelve paper sitting at your door. And if you took the time to suspend said services before you left, you’re then forced to go through the hassle of picking up your mail and calling the paper.

Hire a house sitter, however, and you don’t have to worry about suspending anything. A house sitter will bring in the mail and paper each day. They’ll also ensure your trash is set out, if you didn’t do so before leaving, and more.

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4. Eliminate Your Kennel Bill

The furry members of your family are no doubt near and dear to your heart. When it comes time to leave your pets, making sure they’re well taken care of is likely a priority. In most instances, you find a good kennel or boarder for the time you’re away, or you might enlist the help of family and friends.

While both are fine options, keep yourself from hassling family or friends and save money by simply hiring a house/pet sitter. Not only do they usually come at a lesser cost, but you can get two services for the price of one.

A house sitter will take care of both your home and pets all for one price. Moreover, staying in your home can additional benefits for your pets. Kenneling your pets can serve to cause them stress through staying in an unknown place around strange people and other pets. By keeping them in your home, they’ll be at peace in familiar surroundings.

5. Keep Up Home Maintenance

If you’ll be away from home for an extended time, it’s usually wise to keep up certain aspects of your property. Depending on how long you’ll be gone, having someone perform routine maintenance on your lawn and home can help keep your house in proper shape.

Have your house sitter trim your lawn every so often. They can also weed your garden, rake leaves, and keep your gutters in shape they will be aware of The importance of gutter cleaning is. Furthermore, if they’re willing, it might also be wise to have them perform some light cleaning like periodical dusting and vacuuming. After all, any significant period away can make your house a little lackluster.

6. Prevent Theft

Unfortunately, there are people in the world just waiting for you to leave your home so that they can take advantage. In fact, burglars make a point to keep an eye out for properties with little to no activity. While a security system can help deter burglars from entering your home, nothing is quite as secure as having someone there.

By having a house sitter watch your home, however, you’ll have 24-hour security. Someone will be there to ensure your doors and windows are locked. This will keep all of your valuable possessions are safely secure.

The Bottom Line

The point of getting away is to relax from the stress of everyday life. That being said, your home is dear to you. Making sure it’s taken care of and protected can help alleviate extra stress, allowing you to enjoy vacation.

Next time you prepare for vacation, invest in your home by hiring a house sitter. You’ll not only save money should something unexpected happen, but keep yourself connected to your home even when you’re miles away.

What are some ways you could find a house sitter? What household duties would you have them keep up while you’re away?