6 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Travel

Skipped your summer vacation? It's ok! Here's why fall is the best time to travel anyway!When you think of travel and heading off for vacation, you likely think of summer. In most cases, kids are out of school and offices slow down, leaving many people and families with the opportune time to book that getaway.

After all, it seems as though fall brings on an array of events and activities, between kids and the holidays, that books up your calendar fast leaving you with minimal free time. That being said, isn’t the best time to take vacation a time when you truly need to relax? Often times, the whole point of travel is to get time away from the chaos.

Fall might not be your go-to time to travel, however, for an array of reasons it should. If it fits into your fall schedule, now is the time to book that vacation.

Instead of saving your travel time for the summer months, consider these six reasons fall just may be your best time to getaway.

1. Mild Temperatures

Summer brings the heat. So, unless you’re someone who relishes in the hot and potentially humid air, sightseeing or outdoor activities while traveling can be less than bearable. Come fall, however, and whether most places tends to be more mild.

Depending on where you choose to go, you’ll find either the right amount of crispness in the air, comfortable enough for exploring, or the perfect amount of heat for sitting in the sun or taking a dip in the pool. Either way you won’t be dripping in sweat or stuffing your suitcase full of heavy coats and sweaters.

2. Dips in Prices & Discounts

In the travel industry fall is what’s commonly known as the shoulder season. It falls between the peak of tourist season and the undesirable conditions of the off-season. That being the case, you’ll likely find that many trips will cost you significantly less during the fall.

Between airfare, accommodations, and even activity and event costs, most places will offer great discounts and sales in hope of gaining tourists during their slow period. Furthermore, thanks to fewer demand during shoulder season, you’ll probably be able to see, experience, and do more since you’ll be spending a lot less.

3. Fewer Crowds

Popular tourist destinations like Disney World, the ruins and monuments throughout Europe, or sunny, beach-front resorts all offer beautiful and enticing scenery and entertainment. Go during their busy season, however, and you might find it difficult to enjoy the view or do much as you fight the crowds.

Traveling during fall means you can truly enjoy all of your destinations most popular attractions sans the crowds of people. Instead of worrying about dinner and activity reservations, sold-out shows, or waiting in line for hours on end, you can just breeze through it all. Too often than not people find their trip’s allure or the high-demand attractions they came for in the first place, ruined by the mass of people; travel in the fall, and you’ll enjoy every minute.

4. More Festivities

Have you ever looked at the event schedule of a town or city? Although summer no doubt has an array of events and activities on the calendar, fall is when the fun really happens. Many events and celebrations, like Dis de los Muertos, Fashion Week, Oktoberfest, Diwali, to name a few, all take place in the months of fall.

Traveling during these next few months could mean not only saving on your vacation, but having the opportunity to partake in and enjoy some truly spectacular festivals and celebrations.

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5. Find a Better Experience

When tourist season hits, many local businesses and retailers seek to entice visitors with attractions and “deals.” Unfortunately, depending on where you’re at these deals aren’t always optimal in terms of price or package. More often than not, popular tourist deals and traps don’t give you the experience you truly hoped for.

Travel during the fall, however, and you’ll be able to experience your destination in a more authentic way. Your getaway won’t be full of summer promotions or deals, meaning you’ll see it like a true local. Again, you’ll not only have the chance to see high-demand sights up close and personal, but possibly find some new attractions and experiences you can only see during the shoulder season.

6. Break Before the Holidays

The holidays, while a magical time of year, are also an extremely chaotic time of year. Between gifts, cooking, parties, and quality time with the family, you’ll no doubt have your hands full in the coming months. Summer, while often the ideal time of year to take vacation, often times isn’t the period in which you need it most. 

As school, work, and fall festivities begin to pick back up and your calendar gets increasingly full, taking a break during fall can feel like a much needed break. Take an opportunity before the hectic holiday season comes and enjoy some time on the road. By doing so, you’ll go into the holidays refreshed and ready to go.

The Bottom Line

No matter the time of year, taking the time to travel and getaway always seems to be good for the soul and refreshing your everyday routine. Unfortunately, sometimes the sound of vacation sounds more relaxing and appealing than it actually turns out to be. In some cases, you end up spending more than you initially thought, end up fighting the crowds of people all with the same travel idea as you, or are simply trying to have fun all in the summer heat.

That being said, why not consider other times of the year to book a much-needed getaway? Instead of waiting until June, choose fall as your prime travel time. You’ll beat the crowds, enjoy perfect weather, and possibly find some hidden gems along the way you would have otherwise missed. At the end of the day, you just might find that opting to travel come fall allows you to truly enjoy your vacation.

Where would you like to travel to in the fall? Where’s a destination with great shoulder season discounts?