6 Best Temporary Side Hustles to Earn Money Quickly

If you need extra money, you might try picking up a temporary side hustle. Here are a few ideas to make money quickly if you need it.Coming out of high school or college and preparing to go into the workforce has a tendency to bring about expectations in the newly employed. Many have ideas in their mind about their dream job; what that may look like, how quickly they’ll rise up, or what they’ll earn.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the expectations associated with certain positions are no longer applicable. Jobs your parents and grandparents had fifteen years ago may not garner the same prospects or salaries.

Like or not, the cost of living in the twenty-first century seems to be constantly on the rise. The younger generations have a more difficult time affording daily life let alone major purchases.

Ergo, the idea of the side hustle came about. Instead of relying solely on one income, many have begun utilizing a more flexible job in addition to their 9 to 5 to help pay the bills. A side gig has an array of benefits, and when you’re in a bind, can provide valuable income.

That said, maybe you don’t want a regular second job, or there may be times when the cash doesn’t come as quickly as you need, especially in an emergency. So, if you find yourself wanting to try out a side gig or simply need money more quickly, consider trying out these six side hustles. 

1. Rent Out Your Belongings

Have you ever been in a spot where you needed a tool or piece of equipment, but didn’t want to necessarily buy one? Often times it’s something we don’t use on a regular basis or something we simply don’t have room for. Whatever the case, you’re not alone.

That said, if you’re someone who has a good set of tools, a telescoping ladder, shovels, a chainsaw, table saw, table saw fence or other useful yard and home supplies, you may consider renting them out. Apps like Fluid Market allow you to rent out your household items to those around you.

You set the price and whether you allow rentals per hour or day. Then, once a reservation is completed, you’ll get paid via direct deposit. You could of course do this via sites like CraigsList as well.

2. Become a Driver

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have increasingly overtaken taxis in many instances. One of the many benefits of rideshare companies is the ability for drivers with a regular license and car to become a driver. It also makes for a great side hustle.

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So long as you have a well-working vehicle and valid insurance and license, you can sign up to be an Uber or Lyft driver. It’s not only a lucrative side gig, but one that also allows you to create your own schedule and only work as much as you please.

3. Complete Surveys

There’s no shortage of sites like Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, and Swagbucks, which allow you to earn money by simply offering up your opinion and completing surveys. Companies who want to know what you think as a consumer will pay you to take various surveys. Depending on the length of the survey, the longer the survey the more you’ll earn, you can make money in a short period of time. Although the income isn’t exorbitant, you can still earn a fair amount. Moreover, Swagbucks also gives you the opportunity to earn money for other activities like searching the web or watching videos.

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4. Sell Items You Don’t Use

Most individuals and families have a variety of items, clothing, and goods in their homes they simply don’t use. In some cases, those items are almost like new. Why not declutter your life and earn money by selling those items you no longer need?

Sites like CraigsList, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and ThreadUp provide great platforms for you to do just that. And while your belongings may run out eventually, you can still earn money by offering to sell for others or by purchasing goods, especially at estate sales, in order to sell those as well.

5. Pet/House Sit

When people go on vacation, they can often times be worried about leaving their homes unattended, especially if it’s for longer periods of time. Moreover, depending on the length of unuse, it can be beneficial for homeowners to have someone stop in periodically to take care of the house and ensure nothing unexpected happens.

In terms of a side gig, house sitting can be an easy way to earn money. There’s an array of websites, like MindMyHouse or Housesittersamerica, where you can sign up to house sit. Moreover, you can also reach out to family and friends to keep an eye on their homes while their gone. 

Of course, if you have a love of pets, another great and temporary side gig could be pet sitting. Most people would happily pay someone to sit for their pets as opposed to taking them to the kennel, which can be hefty in cost. Both options give you the benefit of setting our own schedule and only working when you please.

6. Find Odd Jobs

If you’re someone who’s particularly handy, an easy side hustle, that allows you to make it as temporary or permanent as you like, is to simply find chores and odd jobs to take care of for friends, neighbors, and family. Fix things up around the house, rake leaves, shovel snow, or even offer to run errands for those who can’t. You can set your own price and simply pick up tasks whenever you need the money.


Life costs money and sometimes more than we have the funds for. Hence, many full-time workers have taken on side hustles to help supplement their everyday income. That said, if you’re someone who isn’t sure you want to commit to something full time, or you simply need some extra cash in a bind, finding temporary side gigs to earn money quick can be an easy fix.

At the end of the day, the less money you have to borrow or put on a credit card, the better, and a side hustle can help you do just that. 

What are some reasons you might take up a temporary side hustle? What other temporary side hustles have you done?