6 Things We’re Doing to Get Our Home Ready for Airbnb

So we’ve bitten the bullet and decided to become an Airbnb host. So many people are renting out space in their homes or even their entire home.

I used to think that hosting with Airbnb wouldn’t be possible for us since we don’t have a guest house or aren’t able to rent out our entire home. However, I now realize that private guest rooms are still very popular on Airbnb.

They’re affordable options if you don’t plan to stay around the house all day anyway. Plus, if your host is hospitable, it makes for a relaxing stay.

Airbnb can be a lucrative side hustle since hosts can make anywhere from $300 to $5,000 per month depending on their location and rental space.

We decided to try renting out our spare room in order to help us lower our housing costs so we can put money toward other expenses and goals. This is a totally new experience to us as we’ve never done this before so it can seem overwhelming.

If you’re thinking about hosting your place on Airbnb too, here are a few things we’re doing so you can create your own to-do list.

Airbnb can be a lucrative side hustle since hosts can make anywhere from $300 to $5,000 per month. Click To Tweet

Making Sure There’s Comfortable Bedding in the Room

This is a must if you want to become an Airbnb host. As someone who’s been a guest before, I would definitely consider passing on a place simply due to the fact that the bedding wasn’t comfortable.

Guests will review your place on the site and reviews are super important. You want them to be comfortable and sleep well, so quality bedding is a must. A few months back, I purchased a new mattress on Amazon and a bed frame.

I never purchased a mattress on Amazon before so I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily, I found this one and it was super comfortable and didn’t cost too much. I also bought the same one for my son and he loves it.

Getting a Locked Doorknob and Key

Guests expect some form of privacy which is why we decided to change the doorknob to our guest room to one that came with a lock and key. We actually changed all the interior door knobs in our home so we could lock our rooms too if we wanted to.

This is a simple fix that can give both you and your guest peace of mind.

Gathering Other Room Essentials

I don’t think it’s a requirement have things like a T.V., nightstand, and closet space in your Airbnb but I do believe these general room features will help attract more guests.

We already have WiFi so I’m thinking about getting a Roku and a small television for the guest room. I may buy one on the Facebook marketplace or see if there is anyone selling one for an affordable price in the area.

You can also add furniture to your Airbnb space and allow guest to have access to everyday items like a microwave, hairdryer, towels, first aid kit, etc.

Removing and Protecting Personal Items and Information

My husband and I don’t want to remove our very existence from our home just to rent out a room on Airbnb. We plan to be upfront and honest in our listing and explain we’re a family with a spare bedroom.

Still, it’s important for us to declutter our space and remove some of our personal items and private information.

I run a business from home so I’ll need to work on consolidating all my personal documents and locking them away in a file cabinet perhaps since we’ll be having guests coming in and out.

We are also working on removing most of our items from the main bathroom which will be shared but we intend it to be mainly used by guests since it’s so close to the guest room.

My family and I will instead use the 2nd bathroom on the other side of the house. So we moved most of our stuff there.

Preparing a Welcome Kit

I love checking into Airbnb’s and receiving a welcome packet or even just a one-pager from the host displaying the general rules, WiFi code, and insider info on the areas.

I think our guests will appreciate the same thing whether we can offer them restaurant recommendations, directions to the downtown area and train station, or even any coupons to use in the area or upcoming events.

This is actually the part I’m looking forward to most in the prep phase.

Organizing Kitchen Utensils

One of the main perks of staying in an Airbnb is the fact that most hosts grant you access to the kitchen where you can cook and store your own meals.

I plan on allowing guests to use our kitchen so I’ll need to do a better job of organizing my kitchen utensils, pots, and our refrigerator.

Basically, I just need to do a major declutter job. This will be something that will benefit me just as much as the guests.

Overall setting up your place to list it on Airbnb can seem like a tedious process but the key is to get organized and clear on what you want to offer.

When you become an Airbnb host, you have the freedom to create your own rules and atmosphere in your home. Start with this, then create a checklist detailing what you need to do and a deadline to make sure you complete those tasks and get your listing up.

I’m definitely looking forward to trying out this new venture with Airbnb and meeting new travelers while earning some extra cash.

Have you ever used Airbnb as a guest? Would you ever host? Why or why not?