10+ Wedding Gifts For Under $25

Wedding season is here! As a guest or a bridal party member don't worry to much about overspending. There are plenty of wedding gifts for under $25.Wedding season is upon us. If you have a few weddings to attend or will be standing in a wedding this summer, your wallet will likely take a hit. Whether you’re in the wedding party or not, you still want to get a nice gift. There are plenty of wedding gifts for under $25 to choose from.

Some people enjoy purchasing extravagant wedding gifts of offering up a ton of cash on this day for the happy couple. However, if you’re on a budget, you can still give a valuable wedding gift for $25 or less.

Instead of going big and over the top, just opt for a more sentimental personal gift that the couple can cherish and enjoy long term. Check out these awesome wedding gifts for under $25.

1. Drinking Glasses

Custom novelty wine and beer glasses or champagne flutes are the perfect gift for a wedding. It’s practical and will come in handy if each person likes drinking from a special cup. This novelty glass combo for married couples is sure to give the newlyweds a good laugh and can be used over and over for years to come.

2. Matching Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs

My husband and I received this as a wedding gift and we loved it. Like the drinking glasses, it’s a super practical and thoughtful gift. These ceramic matching his and her mugs are gorgeous and they’re only $21 on Amazon.

3. Christmas Ornament

It doesn’t have to be a winter wedding for you to give this wedding gift. The couple’s first Christmas being married will be a special and exciting time to have many firsts and truly enjoy each other’s time.

You can personalize an ornament online or look for one in the store.

4. Newlyweds Instruction Manual

I came across this wedding gift on Amazon and thought it was a fun gift idea for any couple with a great sense of humor. Once the couple gets past the entertaining gesture, this $10 guide can actually come in pretty handy. It provides a ton of essential information, troubleshooting tips, and advice for the first year of marriage.

5. Home Decor

Home decor is always a solid option when considering a wedding gift because the couple will either be moving in together or likely updating their space. Items ranging from picture frames and candles to vases and house plants all make great gifts.

If you can’t think of anything, consider wedding picture frames and decor as a wedding gift that will be greatly appreciated.

6. Kitchen Items

Kitchen items and cookware are other great wedding gifts for under $25. The newlyweds may even have some items on their registry. My husband and I added practical items to our wedding registry like glass containers, cutting boards, and a crock pot.

We also received some nice knives along with other items that would be useful in the kitchen every day. Remember, it’s a wedding so you can still make your gift fancy. Consider customizing the item you get by having the couple’s name engraved or their wedding date. This personalized bamboo cutting board looks amazing and it’s only around $21.

7. Homemade Honeymoon Gift Basket

This is probably a gift that you can give before the wedding. Find out where the couple will be honeymooning then prepare a care basket filled with items they may need. You can grab travel size toiletries, snacks, treats, and some of their favorite items.

This thoughtful gift is one that won’t be easily forgotten when the couple thinks back to their wedding and all the great gifts their friends and family gave.

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8. Matching Pillow Set

If you’re looking to add to a smaller wedding gift, this matching his and her pillowcase set is under $10 and comes with a variety of options. This is perfect for newlyweds who are looking to decorate their bedroom and adjust to their new life together.

9. A Bottle of Wine With a Custom Label

Wine drinkers will appreciate a nice bottle of wine as a gift. You can order a custom label online for their wedding day, first wedding anniversary, or even on the day of their first big purchase like buying a house. Pair this gift with a nice wine bottle crate and you’ll be good to go.

10. Wedding-Themed Picture Frame

You can never really have enough wedding picture frames after a wedding. A photographer will likely be on-site and taking hundreds of pictures of the couple, their wedding party, guests and other moments during the big day.

Gift the couple with a fancy new frame so they can put up wedding photos in their home eventually. You can even consider getting one of those frames that allows you to record a message for the happy couple.

Bonus Idea:

11. Picnic Backpack

So this gift is a little over $25 but it’s still pretty affordable and I couldn’t resist adding it to this list. When my husband and I got married, we were encouraged to still have date nights often and keep communication strong during our marriage.

What better frugal date night option is there than to have a romantic picnic on a warm summer night? This insulated picnic backpack some with dinnerware for two. It includes cups, plates, forks, knives, and spoons. All you need to do is provide the food.


There you have it…10 budget-friendly wedding gifts for under $25! Whether you’re going to multiple weddings or are on a tighter budget this summer, you can still partake in the nuptials and provide a valuable gift to the new married couple.

Out of this list of affordable wedding gifts for under $25, which one is your favorite and why?